Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mitch Goes To Nashville #8!

Boy! Is driving tiring! Better hit the next rest stop... Wha?! All license plates are recorded by these porno protesters?! Think all I do do is hang out at adult book stores? Go ahead and punch up and see if "HOTSTUFF1" is on there! I double dog dare you!


  1. I live 10 miles away.
    Those nuts have been
    there since it opened.

  2. about sad, as in the people who have nothing better to do than harass good decent folk trying to purchase dildos. Seriously though, they should get a life.

    Anyway, who needs porn shops anymore? That's what the internet is for.

  3. Maybe they just have dialup. Remeber how frustrating porn is with just dialup?

    I think a good way to negate their project is to encourage everyone to go down there for a free photo. What effect would it have if people dressed as Darth Vader or a clown started visiting? It could be hilariously awesome!

  4. Or do what the guys from Top Gear did - go down there and stand and wave at the camera while other people drive into the porn shop. It'll waste space (assuming it's a digital camera) and it's a good way to have fun.

    I, for one, wouldn't mind getting my picture taken.

  5. I believe that's the definition of "not having enough to do."

    Or maybe it's their fetish. Mmm, surveillance. Fap fap fap

  6. A carefully placed tree could do wonders.