Friday, July 30, 2010

Fine Art Master!

Years ago while jogging around Lawrence Ave by dozens of "Import-Export"outlets I stopped mid stride (there isn't that much difference between running and stopping when I jog), to stare in the window at the "Moving Light Pictures" for sale. You know them, they have a semi transparent photo on glass, usually of a waterfall or some such, and when you flick the switch, it lights up and gives the effect of moving water! PLUS- another switch activates the SOUND of rushing water AND bird calls!! AND- it's already in a big gaudy gold frame!!! I was excited because I was thinking, all I have to do is slap some paint on it and I've got something' goin' that no one else has done. And the work is 99% finished before I add anything to it! It was my Warhol moment! I was so excited I ran the mile back home in under an hour!Bought about a dozen at the main distributor and worked away. One thing I realized was that when the interior light was on, being behind the opaque painted areas, made it hard to see the applied art. So I purchased a batch of the fancy attached frame lamps so the front would also be illuminated.
When I unveiled them to the public, the crowd oddly wasn't driven to hoisting me on the shoulders and carrying me around town heralding my genius. A few sold, but I took the rest (I'm taking my ball and going home!) and stuck 'em in the basement. I had resigned myself to being discovered by wise and knowledgeable art historians long after my passing (Kids! Don't throw out that art you inherited!) but, with the extension of my show at Twist Art Gallery, I'm gonna break these bad boys out again!
I think those Tennesseans are WAY ahead of the curve on what's gonna be worth TONS in the future, and are so HIP and WITH IT and AWESOME, that they're SURE to snap 'em up (my face is getting sore from puckering)!

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