Friday, September 16, 2016

I Hate Drawing Faces!!! An Artist's Journey.

Artists, I feel your pain!
Hands are hard to draw! Horses are hard to draw!
A million subjects are a pain in the ass to get right.
Most of us just dig in deeper and keep trying.
But there are a brave few illustrators who just declare, "Fuck it!"
We salute you!

Dr. Mitch O'Connell, Valedictorian of The Canvas, Master of the Fine Arts, Orates a Lecture for The Ages!

Join me as I babble some nonsense to a smattering of art students and passing hobos.
So far my plan is to take 7 shots in a row and wing it.
Good Times!
The Jack Karraker Lecture Series
Mitch O'Connell
Illustrator * Painter * Trend Setter
7pm, October 5th
Fine Arts Building Recital Hall
University of Nebraska, Kearney
Free and Open to the Public
Q & A to follow lecture.  Meet and Greet afterwards! 
Also Sponsored by the Department of Art and Design 

The M.O'C Riot Fest Chicago 2016 Official Poster!

When you're taking a break from waving your devil fingered hand in the air and banging your head to the music, stop by the Riot Fest merch table and pick up your very own official Mitch O'Connell Riot Fest Chicago 2016 poster!
I'm very popular with today's youth doncha know!