Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Col Sanders Bookshelf!

Spoiler Alert!
They all die at the end.

I would have swapped out the children for chicken.
Jus sayin'!

Hey Good Lookin'!

Help out a young poor college student today (and look cool in the process)!
Son Leo (the guy eating an orange) is in a screenprinting frenzy!
He's whipped up a batch of his world famous "freakshow brain puppy" t-shirts …for YOU!
They're $20 postpaid (US only) and he has 8 small mens, 9 large mens and 1 xl mens ready to go. All are black ink on white. Just use Paypal (
and they'll be off in the mail asap!

Monday, October 28, 2013

An Amazing night with The Amazing Kreskin!

Kieran and I ESPecially enjoyed an Amazing night with The Amazing Kreskin! The world famous mind reader was a combo platter of fun, quirky, mystifying, hilarious, cranky, thrilling and spectacular as he entertained the Arcada Theatre audience for 3 hours (but it only seemed liked 2 hours and 55 minutes). Kieran was on stage for 40 of those minutes as part of a group feeling the "power of suggestion" as Kreskin put them through the motions of thinking the room was freezing, then boiling hot, then raining and finally, had them believing that ghosts were coming toward the stage. Kieran described the sensation as "creepy," and as a front row audience member, it was sure head scratching to see it work.
Thanks to Kieran for indulging her father in an evening of octogenarian entertainment!

fyi- check out the mesmerizing movie "The Great Buck Howard" for a glimpse into the Kreskin world. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Svengoolie and Zombies. Oh my!

Thanks to the fine folks of The City of Elgin for including me (due to dashing DJ of the event, Joe Black's suggestion) as a guest and a judge of the "Nightmare On Chicago Street"'s huge costume contest. The other judge Clare Ramsey (an actual big-shot make-up artist on films like Quantum of Solace and The Hobbit) and I had about 10 minutes to go through over 100 pics, put them in 5 categories and pick the top three, in order, for each of those. So if you entered and think you got a raw deal, sorry!
Speed trumped accuracy just a 'lil bit.
Alyson, Kieran and I got to sit next to Svengoolie (as he signed and posed for about 400 fans), who has memory skills to recall my name and Leo's
(a talent I covet, but not enough to actually work on).
A great change of pace way to spend the evening in beautiful downtown Elgin!

DJ Joseph Allen Black wonders why I happen to be on the floor.

It must be true!

Alyson makes the world a better place by turning the citizens of Elgin into the walking dead!
Kieran gets the perk of being first in line.

I've licensend my image for the first official M.O'C cookie!
Like myself, they're sweet and delicious
(future cookies will not have the small human head sticking out)!

Yes, I took this picture while standing ON STAGE with SVENGOOLIE at the Elgin costume contest.
Why am I on stage?

Kieran finds someone who is cool enough to pose with,
and the coolest guy in the room is ALWAYS Joseph Allen Black!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"The Burlesque Beauties Tattooed Cuties" Book Signing Tour Continues!

"The Burlesque Beauties Tattooed Cuties"
A party night of tattoos and burlesque!
Sponsored by: A Separate Reality, Re/Dress and Kollective Tattoo & Gallery
At "A Separate Reality", Tremont's newest and craziest vintage store!
2678 West 14th Street, Cleveland OH 44113
Friday November 8th
6pm Art/ signing
9pm show
Soul and Disco with DJ Charles McGaw
Burlesque show at 9pm
Starring the best shimmy and shakers of the tri-state area:
Ava Adore
Carmen M’Knoxide
Ginger Rockwood
Art display by Mitch O'Connell and I'll be signing copies of
"Mitch O'Connell the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell"
fyi- you have to pay for them first!
First four people can get a *Select* Mitch O'Connell tattoo ( From the flash book ) for $50 done by "tattooist to the stars" Andrea Thornton.


Make your way to Elgin this Saturday for NIGHTMARE on CHICAGO STREET the annual walking dead event where downtown Elgin, Il.,
is turned into a nightmarish apocalypse- of fun!
I'll be sitting next to DJ 
Joseph Allen Black and his Midnight Spookshow trying to unload some books. Also, (if it works out) make-up artist Alyson Emily (aka Mrs. O'Connell), will be set up to transform interested folks into zombies.
And, being that the city of Elgin thinks I'm popular, I'll be helping an actual popular person, TV Horror Host 
Svengoolie, judge the costume contest!

Did I mention I'm a professional race car driver?

Go Cart/Race Car- let's not split hairs!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Joe Black's Midnite Spookshow Rocks Chicago!

You read that poster right- superstar designer and DJ pal
Joseph Allen Black will be rockin' the
f**kin' UNITED CENTER in Chicago!
If you're there Halloween to see the Bulls, keep your ears open for the sounds of the spooky season as Joe Blacks Mid Night Spook Show
rattles the rafters of the HUGE UC auditorium!
Check out his website @

Ace Frehley World Tour!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Just for the hey of it, I will be posting free tattoo designs
at the new "mitchoconnellart" on Instagram.
And scantily clad cheerleaders.
And kittens riding hot air balloons.
And whatever else it takes to get 1,000,000 followers!

More Mitch and Alyson Wedding Photos!

MORE photos from our fun filled Vegas wedding
(if you missed the previous batch, it's at,
but this time they're all by an actual professional photographer,
Vegas's Very Own Greg Preston
Sorry, there's no cake at the end of these pics, but I hope you enjoy 'em anyhow!