Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mitch Goes To Nashville #12!

And now, a few highlights from Saturdays opening night at the Twist Gallery in Nashville!
First of all we were "Critics' Pick" by Nashville Scene Magazine AND the featured gallery pick by "The Tennessean" newspaper. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
ALSO - since the crowds were so overflowing and the public outcry for more is SO overwhelming (could you catch when I slipped into an editorial?) the show has been extended with a SECOND "opening" night with even more art August 7th. We plan on having live tattooing, with the folks at Kustom Thrills Tattoo putting my designs on your flesh, along so much more mind numbing fun ("so much more" means I'm not sure yet)!
Speaking of Kustom Thrills- here's some of the crew...

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