Friday, May 14, 2021

Dr. Butcher M.D. Meets Salvador Dali!


The zombie flick "Dr. Butcher M.D." always confused me.
Of course I saw it in 1982 when I was in the audience for every horror movie released, but since then I’ve had this jarring disconnect when looking at the poster, because it has nothing to do with the movie. Even the memorable face of Dr. Butcher on the advertising is nowhere to be found in the film.
I’m usually slow to catch on, and almost 40 years later I’m staring at the one sheet again and it dawns on me, isn’t that Salvador Dali? Then after a bit of poking around, it seems the poster artists reference was a cover of Art News magazine that hit the stands in ’81. He didn’t even redraw the hand to make it seem it was holding the bloody knife, it just floats in the air, in an almost surreal nod to Dali.
I’ve been in a mood to revisit images that have made an impact on me via screenprints, so I took it one step further, and made it all Dali references. And thanks to the day-glow fluorescent magic of Screwball Press, you can get one of the 50 made @