Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Toy Time!

My newly designed toy has been produced!
Sadly, they changed the original "Mute Handyman" character into an Indian.
They also went with a different name. My suggestions of "Kill Or Be Killed,""The Last Face You'll Ever See," or
"I Promise I Won't Eat You," were all ignored.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Easter (from daughter Kieran and me)!

I had to count it as my Birthday gift from her otherwise she probably wouldn't have posed.
"That was the creepiest thing I've EVER done!" she grimiced afterwards.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I want FOUR sandwiches!

The Famous Brothers!

When you take "Harmony" and add "Hijinx" you get only one thing …The Famous Brothers!
I will be sponsoring their show at the Mayne Stage this Sunday.
By "sponsoring," I mean I will be forgoing my usual appearance fee.
What they're going to do with that extra free drink ticket is anyones guess.

1328 Morse Ave.
Chicago, IL 60626
Showtime is this Sunday at 7 PM
Tickets Only $10!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Smoke 'em If You Got 'em!

I'll be coming out with "Candy Crack" for todays hipper kids.

A Touch of Class!

"Mitch, there's something new and sophisiticated about you. Have you gotten a college education? Wearing designer clothes? Returned from Paris? I just can't figure it out!"

I'm not telling! -wink-

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Professor Mitch

Excitement! Thrills! Yawns!
If you happen to find yourself on the NIU campus in DeKalb this afternoon I'll be giving a "Juror Talk," being that I'm the Juror that selected the art for their newest gallery exhibit.
I have no scripted insights planned, but will be happy to have my brain picked.
Guessing I first will answer, "Who are YOU to judge?!!" from the unselected students.
Also, "You SUCK!" is
not a question.

Annual Juried BlickArt Materials Ars Nova Exhibition
Juried exhibition of work by current NIU School of Art graduate & undergraduate students, sponsored by Blick Art Materials.
Juror's talk & awards presentation Thursday, March 22, 4:30-6:00
Jack Olson Gallery
NIU School of Art
Jack Arends Hall 200

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things Aren't THAT bad!

From the book "Do Your Ears Hang Low?"
A popular kid-friendly guide to see if your farm animals should be put on antidepressants.
Sadly, it ends with Bossie "falling fast asleep."
And now it's way past your bedtime too!

Book of the Day!

Continuing with "All Things Sweet," where postings containing risque double entendres, hidden meanings and shocking subtexts have been saved for later in the week.
This is the Family Values Fun Zone!

Today is "Sweet" Day!

"Why won't anyone play with me?" a dispondont Mitch pines.
Besides the fact that I'm wearing a dress while sitting on my front porch.
"It's because of all your naughty postings," my kitty answered.
"Why don't you take one day to be Sweet instead of Sour?"
"I WILL Mr. Mittens, I WILL!"

Dress For Success!

Some kids go to a Hot Topic and get a reissue Ramones, Clash or Black Flag t-shirt.
Kieran goes in her dad's room and unearths a t-shirt that I actually purchased in 1978 at the premiere of Dawn of the Dead when it opened in Boulder, Colorado.
It's been folded up for about 30 years waiting for this moment!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

You're Special!

Vote in the Rondo Awards! It's FUN (I swear)!

If I may be so bold-
Since the country is in a voting mood, the Rondo Awards (for all things horror) are here!
While you're choosing my Rue Morgue John Waters illustration in the Best Magazine Cover category (#16), why the heck not write me in fo
r best artist too (#28)?!
Please follow the link and cast your ballot (by emailing the answers to…

Other choices? Pick your favorites (and maybe learn about a bunch of great magazines/podcasts/events that exist), but a few suggestions are (no offense to anyone I've missed, I'm only familiar with about 1% of the nominees)-
12. Best Magazine - they're all great, but only one had me do a cover- RUE MORGUE!
14. Best Interview - again, Rue Morgue for the Rusty Nails John Waters interview!
16. Best Magazine Cover- Rue Morgue #111
20. Best Fan Event - the Music Box Massacre Film Fest (ya gotta write this one in!)
21. Favorite Horror Host of 2011 - Svengoolie!
23- write in "The Projection Booth," the podcast with quite an amazing logo!
28. Artist of the Year (pro)- (blush) Mitch O'Connell!

I Don't Like Mondays!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

CLOWN ART! The Top 100 Most Disturbing, Sexy and Strange Clown Paintings EVER!

Clowns! Clowns! Clowns!
Finding weird, unsettling and strange paintings of clowns is easy.
Finding ones that aren't would be difficult!
Presented here are the highlights of 20 years with of keeping my eyes open (wide open that is, I wouldn't dare close 'em with these guys lurking around) for the best in creepy, scary, frighting, spooky and just plain wrong in killer clown art!
They're collected from flea market, books and sent in by friends then weeded down to the absolute wildest to save you the time trolling the internet when you're in the mood to see some hot clown action!

And, for even MORE fun, please visit today!

Broght to you by the new book full of clown art!

Brought to you by the most exciting book of our time!
Amazon gushes...

"The book contains 250 tattoo designs, the best of O’Connell's 3 sets of tattoo flash titled Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed (2001), Done While Drunk (2002), and From the Bottom of the Barrel (2006). Each limited edition set sold for $100, and is now out of print, and this volume collects all the images in one easy-to-flip-through book. Mitch O'Connell's art is reminiscent of the Old School tattoo art, from masters such as Sailor Jerry Collins and Don Ed Hardy, but uses more contemporary themes with a distinctive style."
Why not order it today?

Pretty much a "personal time" Mitch recreation.

"Why does Monica have to keep giving interviews?" 

I wonder what he's describing?

I'll pose AFTER I'm done peeing!

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An outtake from Apocalypse Now.

Yes, it's an advertisement for my new book, whose cover is right at home in this blog!
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