Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Get Yer Paper! Today's Wall Street Journal!

I channel (aka swipe away) from the '50's spot illustration files I have in the studio
to come up with this cartoony WSJ illo in today's paper!
Thanks to the Journal for never learning any better and continuing to hire me!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Join the #FREEMITCH movement!

Thanks to Dashing Don Picton for starting the' #freemitch' hashtag during my
30 day banishment from Facebook (a nip slip was the culprit).
It seems to have caught on with folks equally angered by
the Facebook police depriving the masses of my hilarious hourly postings!
At least I think they're talking about me.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Support Our Next President! Brand New TRUMP/They Live Screenprint!

Donald Trump, our next President, is immortalized in a
"They Live" red, white and blue (and yellow) homage hand pulled screenprint!
Owning this giant 18 by 24" 'M.O'C' signed
limited edition will PROVE that you're a
proud Americian during this election season.

Just $100 (that includes shipping anywhere)!

New "Spaceman" Bowie M.O'C Screenprint!

A NEW out of this world M.O'C hand signed 18 by 24"
breath taking 4-color 'Spaceman' screen print is ready for shipping!!
The amazing Aurora's 'Yetee' printers worked their magic meticulously
making 50 of these 'collector items'!
Just $60 (that includes U.S. postage, $70 for Canada and $80 overseas), payable through Paypal to account ""!
And- you ALWAYS get extra free crap with every purchase!

Let's Get Nude! Top 10 Adult Party Games from the Swinging Madmen Era!

For those that want to blame a board game for getting nude at your next party!
If you aren't quite up to brazenly having the bowl for car keys in the foyer, these selections might more innocent way to pave the way for a 'lil sumptin' sumptin'!
Of course, all you need is a stack of cards for strip poker or an empty for Spin the Bottle, and existing 'family fun' games can easily go 'adult.' Twister is the King Kamasutra of parties, and lesser know options like 'Couple Up' and "Bump Ball' are one step removed from the bump 'n grind you'd get at the strip club.
But when you were going full throttle risque in the 60s and 70s, you pulled these off the top shelf of the closet. A dirty old man leering smile would start twitch, a few beads of sweat would pop from your forehead as you imagined your special lady, or a den full of drunk housewives, frolicking nude before evenings end.
Thank you 'Adult Party Games'! It's going to be a good night!

Yes, the whole point of this Blog was to show off my 4' high inflatable clown with an 18" erection!
God Bless America!

And a warning!
Before you give in to the Devil whispering in your ear,
break out the Bible Checkers to drive Satan OUT
Because if you don't follow the righteous way,
it's a slippery slope to Spin The Bottle with the family!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

David Bowie Screenprint! Your Help Needed!

I'm no Mary Blair when it comes to color choices. I used to just put EVERY color in a painting- got a blue? Add orange. Got yellow? Add purple. And so on until I had taken the cap off and squeezed every tube of paint on the canvas. Then I tried less is more. Just use 4 colors. That looks good! Now with 3 colors. Even better! 2 colors? Amazing! The point being, the less mistakes I'm capable of making, the better the chances it won't be an eyesore. So, the question is, which one is YOUR favorite?
As in, if I print one up, I want you to buy it!