Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More from The Murphy files! Part 9!

More from The Murphy files! Part 8!

More from The Murphy files! Part 7!

The Murphy Collection Part 6!

The Murphy Collection Part 5!

Murphy Collection #4 (thangs my pal finds on that crazy internet)!

Demolition Dreams!

I have a dream!
A fantasy of mine (among many) is putting together an Art Car/Demolition Derby happening. I envision recruiting a bunch of derby drivers and their cars who arrive first thing in the morning at the fairgrounds. An artist (or artists) have each been assigned one car. They've been free to prefabricate anything they felt like beforehand, or just get to work from scratch. The groups spend the whole day pimping their vehicle up in the coolest ways. As soon as the sun goes down and the National Anthem is played they're smashed 'n crashed to bits.
It seems so perfect in every way.
If someone out there wants to help me carry my vision to fruition, let me know. I envision a beautiful coffee table book to commemorate the event. With my name above the title.
And you would get an acknowledgment somewhere in there.
Probably somewhere in the back.

The Murphy Collection, Part 3!

The Murphy Collection, Part 2!

The Murphy Collection, Part 1!

Pal, fellow artist and flea market bud Ron Murphy scours the internet for imagery that falls under the heading, "Weird, Wild and Wacky". He shares them with me and I'm gonna share 'em with, who else? My BFF's of course!
So, The Murphy Collection #1-

Flea Market Finds, Miss America Style!

A few highlights from a stack of Miss America Pageant program books!
If I had to choose between these two contestants for the highest honor of the title "Mrs. Mitchell O'Connell" it would be down to the talent competition.

Flea Market Finds, Miss America Style!

A few highlights from a stack of Miss America Pageant program books!
Let me get the joke out of the way…
"He's got wood!"
That's right. I said it!

Flea Market Finds, Miss America Style!

A few highlights from a stack of Miss America Pageant program books!
An inspiration for my next photo shoot...

Good Morning!

An accidental muffin face, courtesy of Kieran!

Free Tat of the Day!

Real Tats!

M.O'C inspired Tattoos!
On the alluring Sherry Carabajal by the enchanting David Carabajal.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flea Market Finds! Part 3

Flea Market Finds! Part 2

Flea Market Finds! Part 1

Went movie poster shopping at Reel Art here in Chicago, and look, they tell a story!

Art Lesson (four of four)!

More mistakes. I'm an illustrator that needs clear sharp reference to work from, when I start guessing, mayhem occurs. Case in point. With the blue background figures, each one where my reference photos were murky were repainted with a different pose at the last minute.
In general, when I varied from the original "Go Green" image and found that what I was doing wasn't quite working, it made me often appreciate the decisions our mystery artist made. There were many moments of, "Oh, NOW I get it!"
Another mistake to learn from- oh hell, there are dozens to choose from, but my typing finger is tired.
Next time!

Art Lesson (three of four)!

Also a problem with full paintings, they can go on until the end of time. Rules for stopping a) you're making more mistakes than improvements and b) you are about to go insane (one reason why there are not individual windows on the skyscrapers. I would have ended up finding one of those skyscrapers and jumping out of a window). A crutch now with photoshop, I got the painting to 98% done and knew I could clean it up on the computer. Spent 6 more hours making it extra shiny. A computer is much more relaxing than than my "bless this mess" drawing table, where everything I put down disappears instantly within the chaos.
Another mistake, ripping the paper peeling off frisket paper or too tacky tape. The kids had used up all my low tack "drafting tape" on art projects, (If a dad yells, "Stay out of my studio!" and no one pays him any attention, is he still really talking?) I used some other tape to hold things in place while airbrushing. It took up a layer of the paper. Now you have a surface that'll never be smooth again. Until today! Just discovered that 000 sandpaper will smooth it right out.
Old dog/new fleas!

Art Lesson (two of four)!

This painting was a horror (as most are) because it seemed as if I forgot everything I had ever learned before. It looked like crap until the last day of painting (I got it up top "Not too bad", but I'll be telling the client it's "The BEST piece of art I EVER created!"). So learn from my mistakes: ALWAYS pick out your colors beforehand. Since the client wanted pretty much the same color scheme, I just winged it. I ended up doing a lot of the colors twice 'cause I made bad choices the first time. You want to avoid thinking as much as possible when doing the actual painting (don't worry, there'll still be plenty to get irritated about). Try to solve every problem before slapping on the paint. I airbrush a lot of the flat colors (I spray through shapes cut out of vellum paper or through french curves and ellipses when painting), then I go over 'n around that with a regular paint brush.

Art Lesson (one of four)!

Mystery Project!
I hadn't done a "full" painting in awhile and had become lazy just coloring line drawings in photoshop. I did a couple pencil sketches based on a '50's illustration and was reined me in from getting too gruesome and back to cute. I got out the compressor and airbrush and found out the compressor didn't work, so I ordered a new one. Then found out the airbrush didn't work and bought a new one (I'm sure it did work somehow, but, even using them since high school, I still have no idea how to get them to do what I want 90% of the time).


Anyone need an Elvis inspired poster? This was killed at the sketch stage, but I'm inspired to finish it.
I'm also inspired to earn a living.

Oh Superman! Part 2

"Oh Superman" reminded me to dust off a classic….

Oh Superman!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Makin' The Love!

A 'lil sumptin' to make the love to your old lady by on a Wednesday morning.
Break out the scented candles, rose petals leading to the posturepedic alter of suma kutra and, most importantly, don't forget to wear your best pair of black socks.
You're welcome!

Mitch Pill Boxes, for all your pill popping needs!

After following the link, ignore the first 3 pillboxes on the Retro website featuring some old model no one ever heard of, and enjoy the really cool ones, the M.O'C ones of course!
New from Retro a Go-Go!

Own a Piece of Mitch!

Every few years I'll get the urge to throw stuff on ebay. I'll always regret it afterwards (urges and regrets seem to together) as taking up way too much time with too little reward, but I up 'n dood it anywho (have I crossed the like from urban cool to baby talk?).
So if you're bored at work take a peekee at the dozen
or so treasures that are available for your purchasing pleasure.
Can you imagine how perky those bad boys are gonna be with the knowledge that these items actually come FROM MY HOUSE?! That I've actually LOOKED AT THEM?! That I've actually HELD THEM IN MY MASSIVE MEATY SINEWY GRIP?!
You lucky, lucky people!

Hair Do's or Don't's… you decide! Part 3

Hair Do's or Don't's… you decide! Part 2

Hair Do's or Don't's… you decide!

More from Museo del Juguete Antiguo Mexico (! On loan were about a billion Barbie (and the Mexican knockoffs), each carefully coiffed with their fresh out of the beauty parlor do's.
Here are a few of the more spectacular results...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Magical Place!

And now, even more photos from our journey into the most magical land on earth, The Toy Museum of Mexico!
Finally my ploy of feigning that I'm a superstar in another country, (this time telling all of Mexico that I'm HUGE in America) pays off! Leo and I were privileged to be treated like royalty, given the red carpet tour of this wondrous collection AND lavished with gifts (I'm going to start telling everyone that I'm an icon in Mexico and see what I can get free)! I should have taken some long shots of the 3 floors of eye popping sights to appreciate the endless scope of plastic, metal, rubber and chalk creations. You're only being treated to the smallest speck of the complete spectacle! I could never get lost there as our hosts could always find me by the constant bursts of "Oh!", "Wha-?!" and "OMG!". Check out their website ( for the behind the scenes story and then book a flight to see it the best way- in person!

Just follow this link for 100's of images...

9/11 Tribute- Mexico Style! Part 3