Friday, March 28, 2014

The Devil Made Me Do It! A NEW Poster …for YOU!

Professional unpaid model Kieran O'Connell, shows  off the giant-sized print
 …that could be YOURS!
"The Devil Made Me Do It!"
is an All New hand "M.O'C" signed HUGE 27 by 39" Full Color 100# Gloss poster of sexy and scary devil tattoo designs!
Perfect for hanging in your Tattoo Shop, Living Room,
Dorm, Oval Office, Tree House or S and M

Even more amazing is the price!
ONLY $10 ($20 including postage)!
Additional posters (in the same order going to the same place)
are at the wholesale price of $5 each with no additional postage costs
(resell them for $10 each and get rich)!

Shipped rolled in a mailing tube.
Sorry, no overseas orders, the postage costs are just too crazy to figure out.

Follow the link and scroll down to order-

YEARS in the making (just take a peek below)!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sexist Male Chauvinist Pigs …you gotta love 'em!

When I was 13-14, my mom had a subscription to Ms. magazine.
There was one page that fascinated me named, "No Comment".
On it were reader submitted examples of sexism in media where the general assumption was that woman couldn't figure out much more than looking pretty and having kids.

Most of the pieces reprinted were genuinely pigheaded and well worth being pissed about, but a few seemed quite mild and not really something to get outraged over (even going as far as presenting "joke" National Lampoon ads as real).
But, of course, women do like to go on and on with their
constant nagging and complaining.
Anyway, while feeling sentimental, I pieced up the first 50 issues
of Ms. on ebay ($30. Score!).
I went through 'em all to share the highlights of the "No Comment" pages ...with you!
Another thing I learned by going through all 50 issues.
Men seem to be really, really annoying!

PLUS! If you found this oddly interesting- you might also enjoy-

and just to slightly even things out-

If you enjoy these, you'll LOVE the equally sexist, I mean SEXY, new book,
"Mitch O'Connell, the World's Best Artist"!

Plus- the ACTUAL ads that ran in MS. had no problem
matching the "No Comment" selections tit for tat

(just call me "Mr. Pun")!

I need a Donut Shack in the kitchen STAT!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get Ready to Cringe- the Heavy Metal Teen Art of M.O'C!

At around the tender age of 19/20 I had a brief spurt doing art for the coolest comic magazine of the '80s, Heavy Metal (I even had a "Heavy Metal" emblazoned Members Only jacket as contributor proof). I just came across this 6 page psychedelic spin-art medley of rock 'n roll, violence, religion and "what was I thinking?!" that I had whipped up in hopes of seeing published in their sci-fi pages. 
Heavy Metal (not surprisingly) took a pass on this comic story, and years later, upon reflection, the editor told me that that was the moment she realized that she would NEVER let me do anything in color for the magazine.
I've only glanced at a few of the panels and found them so horrifically cringe-worthy that I knew if I read anymore they'd go right back into the dark corners of the basement, so I half closed my eyes in order to post this oddity for the head-scratching enjoyment of all (for the first time ever).
If anything, I hope this example of my earlier stuff gives hope to all aspiring artists!