Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Most Ominous Advertising of All Time!

Pal Ron Murphy emailed these 2 images that seem to be the
artwork for a series of shirt or car ads from the 50s.
Never before I have I seen a character in a painting so
obviously contemplating the bloody murder of his entire family.
If anyone has the entire advertisement as it appeared, please let me know.
I can't wait to collect the whole series of serial killer dads!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Driving Do's and Don'ts!

Safety Tips!
When driving back from the Nucleus Gallery book signing to the Safari Hotel I observed to Alyson that, "Boy, everyone sure drives fast!" Maybe I was slower than everyone else because I was staring at the GPS and trying to look at the road at the same time, or maybe it was just because I'm elderly, but when I got on the freeway, I made sure to gun it  to keep up. It seems the first person to appreciate my effort to fit in with Los Angeles drivers started flashing revolving lights on top of his black and white vehicle to show approval.
"Pull Over!" said a voice that seemed to come over the radio. "TO YOUR RIGHT!" it helpfully yelled. Over and Over.
After leaving the highway I had a discussion with the officer about drinking. I mentioned a beer and glass of champagne that I had indulged in during the evening. 
Now the last time I had been pulled over it was because of an illegal left turn I had made at 10am in Chicago. When the policeman asked why I thought I was being ticketed I responded "Was it because of that elderly woman I just hit?" That joke didn't really go over then, and I didn't think any attempt to "break the ice" was proper in this situation.
I followed the penlight with just my eyes, leaned my head back and guessed how long 30 seconds was until I announced "Done!," and took 9 heel to toe steps forward and back again, all the while thinking "car impounded + $10,000 fine + lawyer + jail + insurance = I better not f**k this up."
And I passed (sweat was wiped from my brow at this point).
The things I go through to promote this book!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meet Mitch in California!

Mitch O'Connell, "The World's Best Artist" California Book Signing Tour!

Tell Mitch he's the best- In Person!
See the M.O'C Slideshow- with witty banter!
Plus- Hi-Jinks! Fun! Good Times!

Thursday, February 21st
Pegasus Books
2349 Shattuck Ave., Berkely, CA
7:30 to 9pm!

Friday, February 22nd
Mission Comics
3520 20th St., San Francisco, CA.
7 to 9pm!

Saturday, February 23rd
Nucleus Gallery
210 East Main St., Alhambra, CA.
7 to 10pm!

Sunday, February 24th
La Luz de Jesus
4633 Hollywood Blvd., LA, CA.
3 to 6pm!

Join the Facebook Event page at-

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Robot Wars!

The Lane Tech High School "X Machina Team 4646" (featuring Leo O'Connell) had their Robot Reveal after weeks of intense planning and hard work!
This completely student planned and assembled collection of metal, rubber and wire will be entering statewide competition soon against all the other school robotic teams. The winner will be decided by scoring points shooting flying discs through target slots (and extra points for best personality and formal wear competition).
I fear if left unchecked, this futuristic cyborg will one day overtake the planet Earth (or at least place in the top three in all future frisbee competitions)!
Read all about it @

PS- This earlier blog of mine might just inspire a few slight modifications…

Monday, February 18, 2013

You get to listen to my beautiful speaking voice...

Thanks to High School pal Mark Frauenfelder for
sticking me on his incredibly popular podcast Gweek!
I love any and all opportunities to drone on endlessly about myself!

Exciting NEW M.O'C Products!

The amazing folks at Retro A Go-Go have added three NEW necklaces to the exclusive line of Mitch O'Connell fine jewelry and accessories! Why not order them all today?!

I Don't Like Mondays!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Westword! The ONLY newspaper worth reading!

I'm guessing this is a great article (just judging by the cover artwork)!
Thanks to Jay Vollmar for passing the assignment my way!

Valentine's Day Glitter Graphics …for YOU!

Enjoy these amazing glittery Valentine's Day images created by the even more amazing Colleen  Truscott Fry!
You're a wiser person than me if you can figure out how to attach 'em directly on Facebook, Blogs and emails for your sweetheart, but until I solve that technical mystery, please just click on the links below.
I recommend wearing sunglasses!

The Weirdest Page EVER Published in Comics!

This has to be the most disconcerting and unsettling page I've ever seen in comics.
I would say "subliminally" disconcerting, but it's pretty much a no holds barred story of grammar school student Stan's romance and soon to be deflowering by professional football player "gone sissy" Biff.
Published as a "Public Service" by DC Comics in 1963 (in this case, appearing in Superboy #102).

"Gag,""pointers" and "lowdown."
Me adding captions seems superfluous

I'm pretty sure "can I offer you a drink" follows the "…"
Biff is shaking uncontrollably in anticipation as he
explains learning to appreciate the Master.

Spooky menacing uplighting (a lamp must have fallen on the floor)
foreshadows his plans as Biff makes a determined smile.
I think this is also the 4th mention of "pointers."

Monday, February 11, 2013

Beautiful Dirty Memories!

Thanks to all the folks at The Dirty Show, especially Jerry Vile and Gary Arnett for having Kymm ChaversAlyson Vetter and myself out there as guests!
We ♥ Detroit! Everyone was fun, frisky and fantastic!

Men's restroom at the Dirty Show by Mitch "Arty Photographer" O'Connell.

Detroit's Corktown Inn might have a rent-by-the-hour vibe, but it's a fine place to stay after going to The Dirty Show (and make sure to request the $45 a night Dirty Show discount rate).
After all, you can't beat a lobby vending machine that offers both panties AND Hormel Chili!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

NSFW! Pornography Fail! The Top 100 Strangest Most Unerotic Vintage Pin-Up Modeling Photos of All Time!

I'm sure these young ladies might be wonderful people, fun to hang around with, possible great spouses and parents, but the combination of a bad hair day, lighting more appropriate for a horror film, odd photographer decisions and poor prop choices casts puts them in a whole other perplexing pin-up world.
Or maybe some of the models really are bat-shit crazy.
But, in general, give me this anyday over the bland perfectly coifed silicone enhanced tanned and photoshopped perfection.
A dash of crazy always makes things more interesting!