Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flickr Fun!

A pal of mine just started on Flickr- enjoy!

Finally Fashionable!

We all flew to my sisters house in NJ for Thanksgiving-
but the main reason for travel wasn't a delicious turkey meal or visiting loved family-
it was so I could get me some more Skymall catalog orderin'!
This may not be obvious, but I've a
lways had a deliema with two things.
How do I get people to take notice of who I am,
and what's the proper atire for stag parties?
Or, should I say, those WERE a problem?!
Thank You Skymall!

Only 27 Days 'til Christmas!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As you already know,
"Be thankful for what you got and
do what you can for those who don't got".
In fact, you'd probably say it in a much
more grammatically correct and eloquent way.

Only 33 Days 'til Christmas!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday Funnies!

Check out the next issue of Time Out Chicago magazine
to read the exciting article that goes with this comic strip!
Fun Fact!
I made use of the two most
amazing male models EVER
(that happen to reside at 5645 N. Drake)
to bring this story to life!

Only 34 Days 'til Christmas!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nudity! Girls! Hi-jinks!

After a year or more of being intrigued by
Chicago's Gorilla Tango Burlesque offerings,


(among many others)
I finally dragged my sleepy lazy ass 
(thanks to Amy Payne and Dawn Doan for treating me!).
I hereby give it a four star Mitch Review Recommendation!
The whole cast is energetic and exciting,

but just watching Ellie Gator's expressive acting
is worth the price of admission alone!

Free! Free! Free!

Every day is Christmas at the Mitch Blog!
Get your own "Terror in the Aisles 13" poster … for FREE!
Well, you can download the 11 by 17" image

fer nuthin' by following the link below,
but you'll have to pay for printing it yourself
(or use your companies printer when no one's looking)!

Only 35 Days 'til Christmas!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Part of what goes into creating a page of tattoo designs.
The working title for this series of flash is "Mauldin Mittens"!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Shouldn't you be at church?

More Memories!

Gather around everybody for another adorable tale of Mitch O'Connell and his youthful adventures!

This amusing story also takes place in Flushing where it now seems I had earned the trust of my Mom to make Big City trips all by myself.
With a dollar bill securely buttoned in my front pocket I was to make the walk (A block? Seven miles? Memory fails me, but let's go with seven miles) to the barber shop.
My only instruction was to request "A little off the top."
The journey was made successfully. I clearly recall standing in the doorway. The two barbers and their customers turned in my direction. I took the dollar out of my pocket, held it in front of me and exclaimed, "A LITTLE OFF THE TOP PLEASE!"
Laughter enthused.
I immediately ran all the way home.

Robot Wars!

I spent all day Saturday at the exciting Robotics FTC competition watching Lane Tech High School on their way to (almost) victory. 
I didn't know exactly what to expect. Maybe exciting robot wars where metal messengers of death sawed through with razor sharp blades or melted with searing flame throwers their opponents (I could only hope)?
Instead, these more benign machines were designed to move rubber doughnuts from one location to another. The more you move, the more points you get. Around 30 High Schools were involved and Leo's Lane Tech team (let me take a little Fatherly liberty and assume son Leo was the mastermind behind the team) clawed their way through dozens of elimination bouts to make it to the final round!
There must have been some cheating involved because the other team "technically" won by scoring "more" points, but Lane Tech will always be #1 in our hearts!


A story-
When I was around 6 we moved to Flushing, New York, residing in apartment 2E of one of the Skyline Tower buildings.
Still remembering that number proves that word association works, because I always thought of it as "Two Eggs". We w
ere a stones throw from the Botanical Gardens and a nice stroll to the remnants of the 64/65 World's Fair.
One Sunday morning before Mom and Dad were awake, I got it in my head to go out and get the Sunday paper. Little sister Annie was standing up in her crib watching me put my boots on while I informed her that if anyone asked where I was, tell them that I'd be right back. I took her silent stare as confirmation.
I went out the building with some change from my piggy bank and made my way to Main St. I had on a pair of shorts, but my winter jacket completely covered them. I started to worry that it looked like I wasn't wearing any pants. My solution was to move to the far left of the sideway and now walk in that gap between the parked cars and the parking meters. I reasoned that if the meter pole was between me and everyone else every ten feet or so I'd be much less visible. I made it to the corner of Franklin and Main to a Diner I remembered sold papers and made my purchase.
On the way back I now also had the paper to help cover my nudity.
I must have buzzed in because Mom and Dad were anxiously waiting at the door. "Where have you been?!" was the main thrust of the conversation. I said that Annie as supposed to tell them, but apparently she didn't realize the importance of my request and instead fell back asleep. I gave them the paper and got plenty of hugs in return. Dad said, "We're so proud of you that I'm going to raise your allowance by ten cents!"
Not thinking it through that I was going to get that extra ten cents every week, I did some math in my head. The newspaper cost 20 cents. I get 10 cents.
I just lost 10 cents on the deal!
I didn't dwell on it though, I was ready for some breakfast and reading Peanuts.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sticker Madness!

I'm having a big contest posted on Facebook involving prizes aplenty!
I've handed out over 10,000 stickers promoting my upcoming book and have enjoyed folks sending me pics of where they've ended up!
The bad news? I'm all out of stickers!