Monday, August 30, 2010

Nashville Travelin' 8!

4) And if the Country Music Hall of Fame had only one display, one reason for existing, one possession that made it deserving of the title "Hall of Fame", it would be this, the perfectly preserved overalls of Junior Samples in the actual Hee Haw corn field set!
I done did died and gone to Country Heaven!

Nashville Travelin' 7!

3) The amazing "Nudie" has become one of my most inspirational artists. He's most well know for his colorful bedazzled sequined country suits, but here's an example of his wonderfully over the top car embellishments!

Nashville Travelin' 6!

2) From the "Collecting Elvis" exhibit, Zombie Elvis!
His glowing flesh hungry eyes seem to follow you around the room. You can almost hear him say, "Sir/Ma'am, You look like a mighty fine 'n tasty fried peanut butter and banana sandwich!"

Nashville Travelin' 5!

1) The Country Music Hall of Fame is one of my favorite Nashville stops (that, and every place that serves liquor).
Here are a few highlights to entice ya'll to drive on over and look around! Due to the no flash photography rule, (yes, I explained who I am and that their "rules" didn't apply to The Mitch O'Connell, but the CMHofF employees pretended to have never heard of me) the photos are a 'lil shaky, but you get the idea.
From the Hank Williams collection- his very own personal all squirrel band...

Nashville Travelin' 4!

How can you tell your bible belt is too tight? This Nashville mailbox pic is brought to you by "The Best Church of God" performing this Saturday at the Victory Gardens in Chicago. If only the thumb was movable and took the place of the "mail in" flag it would be the perfect product for Best Church to merchandise (check out their logo)!

Nashville Travelin' 3!

Thank goodness Nashville has finally shed that undeserved country bumpkin overall wearin' banjo picking' hick stereotype!
Actually "The Peanut Shop", downstairs from Twist Gallery, was my main snack stop while hangin' out at the Arcade. They also have a life sized plaster "Mr.Peanut" costume in the window which I'm sure is quite refreshing to wear outside in the 100 degree heat to attract customers. Maybe they use it on shoplifters.

Nashville Travelin' 2!

...again, I'm in the MEN'S ROOM! What's next... a tampon vending machine? Thank you Democrats!

Nashville Travelin' 1!

Went back to Tennessee over the weekend to pick up the remaining art from my "Best of Nashville 2010" show at Twist Gallery!
Funny story... just before arrivin' I made sure to do my signature Obession/Drakkar mash up at the nearest rest stop Men's Room ('cause I always like to be at my very best for the ladies) and as I was leaving I noticed this (see next posting)...

Police Log 3!

Police Log 2!

Police Log 1!

From the Maine Morning Sentinel circa '95 when life was easier.


At 6pm West Coast time, August 30th, click on
and order your very own "Hair of the Dog" M.O'C tiki mug! They're $60 each, limited edition of 100 but only the first 50will be in this color. Second 50 will be offered at a later date. Each one is sprayed and hand painted, so expect some exciting variations.
Wouldn't it be fun if they sold out right away?
Who likes fun!
Com'on everybody!

Back to School Shoppin' Walmart Style!

For all you who forgot to send me a birthday gift, (and that was all of you) here's the perfect solution!
Hope this manly posting makes up for the Justin Bieber one!

Back to School Shoppin' Walmart Style!

I oughtta sue! This is the name all my first dates give me!
I wonder what a second date is like?

Back to School Shoppin' Walmart Style!

I know I'm not "technically" going back to school, but I just couldn't help myself!

Flea Market Finds Salutes CB Radio 4!

Flea Market Finds Salutes CB Radio 3!

Flea Market Finds Salutes CB Radio 2!

Flea Market Finds Salutes CB Radio!

Love these personal CB radio cards, the more homemade looking the better. The sometimes naive art seems more personal, contains great left field imagery and, as an artist, less threatening!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flea Market Finds Salutes Postcards!

Flea Market Finds Salutes Postcards!

Flea Market Finds Salutes Postcards!

Police Log (that's all for today)!

Ye Olden Photo Album!

Fairfield Maine or Hawaii? You decide!

Lot's O Police Log!

Ye Olden Photo Album!

To tie into todays Police Log… Fairfield, Maine!

Even More Police Log!

More Police Log!

Mid '90's police reports from my grandparents sleepy town of Fairfield Maine.

Ye Olden Photo Album!

It's a win/win! You get a picture of a 9 or 10 year old me PLUS the cheap chuckles of seeing that I went to "Big Beaver" school!

The Bigtime!

On the cover of last weekends Wall Street Journal!

Attention Aldi Shoppers!

While waiting at the check out line in Aldi (The Stock Up Store!), I noticed this James Bond warning notice inside the cart.
Girlfriend, please! The wheels will NOT lock up if I go past a yellow stipe of paint!
Or will they?

I loves me a good film noir, and if you made it to Chicago's Music Box Theatre, there was whole week of fantastic double features for you. Check out the great preservation work that the Film Noir Foundation does so we can see these masterpieces @

Oh, and while I'm taking art out of mothballs, here's a fitting piece for the series! You can tell by the pre- "M.O'C" signature it's an oldie, done when I was 19 or 20 at The American Academy of Art.

Retro 80's!

Didn't realize how down pat I had the '80's 'till I started going through some old art. Yes, I realize that no one else on Facebook was even alive in the '80's, but take my word for it, I was the shit!
Here's a way back when business card...

Mitch in Japan!

More Excitement!

Ye Olden Daze Foto Fun!

From Waterville Maine 1995
The zombie vibe at Shop 'N Save.

Gentle Reminder #2-

Um… forget I said anything.

Gentle Reminder #1-

Mitch O'Connell Enterprises creates logos for all types of up and coming establishments. Bring a touch of class and excitement to your business, an illustrative identity that will draw new customers in, and keep them coming back for more! Before you know it, you'll be so damn rich you can tell all those people that said you were crazy to hire me to go stick it up their...

Mitch Fashion Show!

Girl #1, "I want a guy in lime yellow short shorts!"
Girl #2, "I want a guy sporting a giant mullet!"
Ladies! No need to fight. You're BOTH winners!

Mitch Fashion Show!

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.
And has a mysterious red devilish glow emitting from his eyes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

M.O'C Drawing Tutorial/Fun Facts!

This is only being heaped upon ye since I DID get requests for my illustrating insights. Really!
Tip- Always have good reference!
Better to know how things REALLY look before modifying 'em!
I have just fine hands for drawing, but lousy for drawing from. I would love to have giant knuckled gnarled veiny sinewy grippers, but God did not bless me, so I hadda kinda fake the penciled hand on the left.
I knew it would be a hot mess if I inked it, so I interrupted my 6'5" neighbor from his mowing and snapped a photo of his mitt.
Problem? Solution!

Flea Market Finds!

It works! After listening to the announcer chant "Fatty! Fatty!" and making pig sounds I could barely finish my second apple fritter!

Flea Market Finds!

First, I hope it's not "Daddy" in the "Father" way and what did he do to have an ink covered hand?
As a gentleman, I make sure my hands are completely clean before groping the ladies!

Flea Market Finds!

Dust off the turntable for these record selections!
Warning! Don't try this at home, unless, of course, you've had plenty to drink!


Sorry, but my "head's up" warning for this fun event is a 'lil late, but you can revel in MY fun with this photo montage…

Music Box Massacre 6!

Movieside & Music Box Present:

Music Box Massacre 6

Special guests the Chiodo Brothers
(Killer Klowns, Team America, Tim Burton's Vincent)
First Midwest Appearance!

Music Box Theatre
3373 N. Southport Ave.,
Chicago, IL

Oct 9, 2010 - Noon 'til Noon

Current Line Up:

Phantom of the Opera (Lon Chaney Sr. with Live Organ)
The Raven (Boris Karloff & Bela Lugosi)
The Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.)
Psycho (50th Anniversary!)
Killer Klowns From Outer Space (with the Chiodo Brothers in Person!)
Rabid (David Cronenberg)
Pet Cemetery (Stephen King Craziness!)
The Funhouse (Tobe Hooper)
Theater of Blood (Vincent Price)
The House by the Cemetery (Lucio Fulci)
Fright Night (80's Awesomeness!)

Plus: Trailer Trash (Vintage Horror Trailers), Dealer Tables,
Surprise Guests, live auction for Vital Bridges, The Marshmellow
Ghosts and much much more!

Presale tickets $27 at
Laurie's Planet of Sound (4639 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago)
After Hours Movie Rentals (915 Foster, Evanston)
Music Box Theatre
Or $33 at the door day of show.

For more info:

Flea Market Finds!

I've black dotted the "Oh My" and "Don't Look", but you get the idea. I'm sure he's agreeing to a laundry list of items, as us very focused men do, while in this grip!
I've titled it, "Yes Dear".

Flea Market Finds!

2 unsigned, undated naughty paintings ('60's?), this one I've titled, "Be careful, you'll poke an eye out!"

M.O'C Fashion Show Continues!

I can't believe it either, but due the tremendous response to the "Mitch Fashion" Facebook series, Mattel Toys will be issuing a limited edition doll based on the clothing highlights throughout my life!
Here's a sneak peek at the first of the series titled "Der 'lil Darlin'"! The straps are adjustable if you want to go for the off the shoulder look I pioneered in the '60's!
Look for it exclusively at Walmart by November- just in time for your Christmas shopping!

M.O'C Fashion Show Continues!

I may be a big city limo riding maitre'd tipping champagne sipping fraternity college man- but I like to keep it real with this homage I call "The Country Cousin"! A tip of the hat, with love, to our manure boot covered straw hat corncob pipe aw shucks thumbs under armpits friends.
The real heart of America!

M.O'C Fashion Show Continues!

First of all, it's a KILT, NOT a dress. They're completely different!
Why are they different? Well... because… you see… I…

Um… because they're SPELLED completely differently! DUH!