Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Religion Week Continues!

Robert Tilton was one of my favorite TV preachers, mainly because of his amazing massive "send me money" mailings. I still have dozens of the poster sized mailings from the '90's, always involving some sort of gameboard paths to follow, boxes to check, stickers to apply, envelopes to seal and put under your pillow or bury in your back yard, etc., but ALWAYS to be mailed back with an offering. It was like a weekend craft project.He's a sample of one of 'em. You put a 'lil "fingerprint" paste-it over the box of what miracle you want God to dish out for you.
The highlight?
The icon for "Wisdom" is Tilton himself.
The show he had then involved some sort of sermon, healings ,then asking for money. His most recent show is/was "Hour of Power" (I think). Since he can't do the healings (guessing the FCC stepped in) and dropped the sermon, the show is him in front of some computer generated Roman pillar background JUST asking for money.
He's amazing!
Bought to you by Best Church of God who invite ya'll to their upcoming Chicago Sunday the 4th service!

Flea Market Find!

Religion week is not all about the wild world of Jesus- other folks have their own amazing takes on what makes the word go round!
I just came up with about 100 puns promoting the "Paintings For You To Poop On!" show here in Chicago, so you're on you're own with the jokes this amazing book lends itself to!

Free Tat Designs!

Today's Religious Tat!
It's an early M.O'C, so the lettering is weak and I'd do it slightly differently now, but what the heck- it's free!

Flea Market Find!

Flea Market Finds continues it's salute to religion! Brought to you by the fine folks of
Now gospel albums often have titles like "He Touched Me" and "He's Coming" (kicking myself for not picking up one for a dollar called "He's Coming In The Clouds").
And you know what? I'm gonna snicker 'n chuckle at every single one of 'em!


The end of an era!
My second set of flash, "Done While Drunk" is sold-out (and never to be reprinted)! Good bye good friend! We hardly knew ye!
Still got a box of "Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed" sets if yer interested!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The hits just keep on a-coming!

Free Tat Designs!

Today's religious tattoo design!
Thought this was a good idea- you have it tattooed over the afflicted area of your body and, like the healing preachers, "Satan, I command you, leave this body NOW!" you're all better!
Think I was the only one who had the good idea opinion (a very common occurrence), 'cause I never saw it tattooed.

Good God!

Tribute to religion week, all leading up to the Sunday service of Best Church of God!
While wandering around 42nd street many, many years ago (oh you have a dirty mind!), I came across a sidewalk vendors table set up with dozens of books all on the same subject, what's wrong with those crazy white people. Among the many mysteries solved? Proof that only the Paleman evolved from apes. Why did Isaac Asimov have to reveal our secret?!!

Todays Free Tattoo Design!

And a praying tattoo would be very appropriate after each of the many religious postings that'll be coming up!
FYI- Best Church of God is on Facebook too!

Flea Market Find!

Flea Market Finds salutes religion!
Why? To get you in the mood for my favorite God fearin' service, The Best Church of God (, coming up Sunday April 4th here in Chicago.
First up-
"Knock-Knock" sez Jesus
"Who's there?" sez mortal
"Jesus" sez Jesus
"Jesus who?" sez mortal
The mortal high rise dweller finds no one at the door and happens to look out the window. "JESUS F**KING CHRIST!!!" he screams
'Hey, don't step on my punch line!" sez Jesus

Power of the Press!

We're famous! Thanks to Steve Johnson of the Chicago Tribune for giving the Tattoo Factory Gallery a big color plug for tonight's "Paintings For You To Poop On!" show!

Flea Market Find!

Found a gentleman going through a similar inner struggle. While he's daydreaming, I'd just go for, "If I were an attractive woman"!


Don't remember what came first, the album or my anniversary gift, but some gals don't appreciate a good thing when they get it!
Strangely one of the few items the X didn't decide she wanted. It's still displayed in the basement as a testament to my hunting catch and release program!

I'm Back!

I've burned my bra!
Maybe the marriage proposals (hi Bobby) scared me straight!
I did get in touch with my feminine side and discovered what I had in common with you chicks, I'm a hot little heartbreaker too! Well, that's really only a theory at the moment, but what the hell!
As I continue my 7 day tribute to the ladies - lets reboot with my all time favorite album cover!

Endless Masterpieces!

New! The secret is out! These are from a series of drawings for a fantastic nightclub called "Bang!" at the Palms in Vegas!

Turned Tables 3!

Mitch slowly seems to come back to being aware of his surroundings.
The secret being unveiled brings a strange peace to Mitch. He don's his "Michelle" wig, puts on a fuzzy pink bathrobe and starts thinking of all the wonderful possibilities of what he might bake today.
"Now don't make us come back here" the Ms. Magazine subscribers chide.
"Girl, PLEASE!" Mitch winks back as he puts on his oven mitts.

Turned Tables 2!

"What's this?!"
Mitch goes into shock!

The Tribute Tables Are Turned!

And another thing about the weaker sex...
Mitch's typing is interrupted!
Bang! Bang!
"Who's that knocking?"
He opens the door to see a gaggle of clucking women, dressed in tanktops sporting unshaven armpit hair all wearing workbooks and half in toolbelts!
"Woman libbers!" he shrieks! "I've passed your type at the democrat polling booth on my way to vote correctly!"
"We've had it with your demeaning "tribute" to women week! We think something else is going on here... maybe JEALOUSLY?!"
"Wha?" a nervous Mitch shakily replies, "I have no idea what your t-talking about!"
"Sisters! Check under his mattress!"
The uninvited guests quickly discover Mitch's hidden "library"!

Woman Tribute Week Continues!

On "We Celebrate Women" week, Day 4, this excerpt from the current issue of "Scientific American" magazine.
Gives you something to think about (well, at least the men will be able to think about it)!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paintings to Poop On Memories!

And son Leo came up with a salute to Gamera!

Paintings to Poop On Memories!

More "Poop Show" photos!
The man behind it all- Tattoo Factory head honcho Paul Collurafici. Paul can't go anywhere without being bookended by ravishing females- in this case Beth Cisco and Kymm Chavers!

Paintings to Poop On Memories!

Daughter Kieran and her Bettie Page toilet tribute!

Art to Poop On!

A few photos from the exciting evening at The Tattoo Factory Gallery opening Friday (I'm still recovering)!

Photo Album Find!

Daughter Kieran is going through the family boxes 'o' photos for the best ones to display. She came across one of my favorites of yesteryear, the dynamic duo! It's a Batman and Robin variation, although I remember they both claimed to be Batman!

Tribute to Women Week!

I have a heart, so I'm taking a brief reprise from the teasing (but there are still 4 days left to the "salute"). Yes, you females do have it goin' on, and here's just one example (and don't forget the video -!

Todays Free Tattoo Design!

Tribute Continues (page 4)!

Tribute Continues (page 3)!

Tribute Continues (page 2)!

Tribute Continues!

Day #2 of the week long tribute to those lovely creatures God crafted from one of our ribs!
Today's theme?
Safety first!
Now I'm sure everyone already knows that those desirable demons are never to be trusted. Why, every schoolchild learns that day one! But why specifically should you never ever EVER turn your back to them?
Enjoy this 4 page article of helpful insights that might, just might, save your very life!

Back to the "Tribute"!

Now that I got that out of the way, back to The Wonderful World of Women!
In this hospital the DOCTORS are FEMALE!!

Tribute Goes Horribly Wrong!

Only one day into my tribute to woman and it's turned sour!
Apparently I'm "sexist" (which according to my dictionary, surprisingly doesn't mean "sexy") and "misogynic" (which also surprisingly doesn't mean "sexy")!
So in the Mitch fair and balanced no spin zone, to placate the little ladies, I'm going to throw one guy into the mix of my week long celebration of "people"!
In 1947, Jonas Salk accepted an appointment to the University of Pittsburgh Medical School. While working there, with the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Salk saw an opportunity to develop a vaccine against polio, and devoted himself to this work for the next eight years.In 1955 Salk's years of research paid off. Human trials of the polio vaccine effectively protected the subject from the polio virus. When news of the discovery was made public on April 12, 1955, Salk was hailed as a miracle worker. He further endeared himself to the public by refusing to patent the vaccine. He had no desire to profit personally from the discovery, but merely wished to see the vaccine disseminated as widely as possible.

Flea Market Find (aka Those Wacky Women)!

Tribute #2!
Who in the hell let a female get a hold of car keys?!
Watch Out! She's putting on her make-up! No one is safe!!!

Flea Market Find!

Tribute to the fairer sex flea market finds week!
First off, they're lousy cooks!
Even Superman, with all his powers, can't take the pain of one of Lois's muffins landing on his foot!
Oh God, that's priceless!

Broadway Bound!

Kieran blazes a trail to Broadway in her starring debut!
The first evening performance of Peterson School's production of Annie knocked the socks off the everyone in the sold out seats! Even those now sockless folks who weren't related to the cast members!
They had one show previously during school for the 1st to 4th graders. The morning after when walking with Kieran to school at least a dozen kids shouted "Hi Annie" while many of the littlest ones pointed their little fingers and stared slackjawed in disbelief that The Annie walked amongst them. Three parents who were there stopped us to say how amazing Kieran was. One of them was brought to tears!
I can only hope that my claim to fame will be written years from now, "Fun Fact! Superstar Kieran O'Connell and world renowned brother Leo O'Connell have a father who likes to draw!"

Bookshelf Find!

Laugh now, but I'm bringin' this back (with a back-up popsicle stick plan) to be the toast of the art world!

Photo Album Find!

I was feeling insecure about my manhood...
... until I took Enzyte, the male enhancement pill!

Bookshelf Find!

You don't want to know!

Flea Market Find!

I can't breath! Forget about my resale value, for God's sake, SAVE MY HILLBILLY LIFE!

Kieran IS Annie!

Along with fellow method actors (De Niro, Brando, Cyrus), Kieran goes red (rinse) for her portrayal of "Annie" at Peterson Grammar School!

My Name Is?

Even though through some obvious printing error "Ronald Whatever's" name seems to be largest on the cover and mine is itsy bitsy on the bottom, issue #7 of the incredible hardcover book series "Mynameis?" is out with 24 pages devoted to... oh, I'm too modest to say!
All is forgiven when sweet nothings are whispered in my ear throughout the article!"O'Conell's work is fueled by an incredible imagination and an innate sense of humor" and "Creator of some of the low brow art movements most celebrated pieces" and "Artistic talent by the bag-load and charm by the crate"!
But you all already knew that, didn't you?!

Burn up things... with style!

Problem! What do I do with this tax refund?
Solution! Go to
and buy the M.O'C zippo lighters!
You're welcome!

Birthday Thanks!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
I'm often asked if they had cameras (and dinosaurs) when I was a baby. Here's proof of one of 'em!

Poop Show!

In typical fashion, my toilet seats were finished the day of the spectacular "Paintings For You To Poop On" show at the Tattoo Factory Gallery. Thanks to all those who made it for the opening and kept the place overflowing for 4 hours straight!

Happy Birthday to Me!

The day after my birthday!
When your family, and families around the world, are gathered around the dinner table tonight traditionally discussing how the world is a better place with me in it-
Dad, "I've always been impressed by how "Mitch", if I may be so bold, is able to lift objects of considerable weight!"
Mother, "I'm thankful for his tireless charity work and secretly dream that he was my husband!"
Suzy, "I'm glad Mr. O'Connell gave me a kidney, otherwise I wouldn't be alive!"
Little Bobby,"He's Mitchtastic!"
Dad, Mother and Suzy, "Oh Bobby! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

Yes, there are endless topics that will keep the dinner "hour" going all night long! But this morning, let's just concentrate on one thing, how gosh darn cute I am!

The Dude!

How To Be Cool (brought to you by son Leo)!
a) Refuse to pose
b) Paint your pants

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Masterpiece!

The Clowns Keep A Comin'!

Just a few more clowns, then I'll give everyone a breather!
Years ago I stopped in a russian owed (and speaking) junk shop. The gentlemen there looked at me wide-eyed and pointed at my face. "You!" he said excitedly. Then he made a gesturing motion to follow him to the back where he now also started pointing at a clown painting."You!" he repeated happily. Then pointed at me, then the clown (repeat) and having quite the chuckle.
I don't know if this salesmanship tactic would work on every potential customer, but I ended with a fine addition to the M'O'C gallery!

Bachelor Pad Decorating 2! that's a neat looking sock drawer!

Bachelor Pad Decorating!

Still decorating while the white-out dries on all the illos I'm WAY behind on!
Now my 'lil homemade wooden craft animals have a home perched on the living room bookshelf.
"Uh, that's really fascinating Mitch, (I have the ability to think I hear what you're thinking) what's next, have you reorganized your utensils?"
Not quite...