Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marathon Mural!

The Chicago Marathon has commissioned 10 artists to be paired off with a runner each to do a portrait. The marathoners were picked because of their heartwarming/involving/heroic story. Kind of a 10/10/10 theme, being the date of the race. No one was that interested in the artists backstory, apparently a marathon is mainly about the runners. Wha?!
Anyway, I was one of the lucky illustrators chosen, and the art director picked my "realistic" style. I had to remove my airbrush from all those mothballs and try to remember how to paint with that infernal thing again (would have rather done him as a tattoo). Couldn't get all fancy 'cause they just wanted a vignette.
I worked with Will Beiersdorf who is a Navel Reservist and founded "Team Salute" to provide financial assistance and support to military families. He's organized a running team at the marathon every year to fundraise for the cause.
Hopefully when it gets closer to the race I'll get to see my art plastered all over the place. I guess it's also ok that he'll raise some money for our vets, but I really hope I get to see my art plastered all over the place!

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