Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kicked Off Facebook! Mitch, the 'Bad Boy' of the World Wide Web!

I've been kicked off Facebook AGAIN, this time for posting a
70s pic of a gal holding a stuffed animal (below),
even though I plastered it with censor marks.
Give a brother a break!
Luckily, you can enjoy all my silly uncensored finds here!
When I'm let back in Facebook next Wednesday,
'follow' me to see the 3-4 bits of nonsense I put up every day

(and see my 'away' posts that friends put on my page for me below too)!
See this photo in all it's glory @

Day 4 at Facebook Fun Camp!
Yesterday we got to play "Yes or No" with the magic poles.
My new friends would give an example and I would guess if I were allowed to post it.
"Mountain Peaks, Sugarplums, Torpedoes, Beanbags, Headlights, Sand Bags, Melons, Sweet Rolls, Boulders, Milk Shakes, Ear Muffs, Grapefruits, Hood Ornaments, Cream Pies, Bon Bons, Meatballs, Hush Puppies, Bumpers and Honeydews?"
"Yes?" I timidly respond.
"ZAP!!!" went the magic pole!

Gosh! I just don't understand Facebook!
Dear Facebook Friends,
I'm having loads of good times at my 2nd day at Facebook Fun Camp!
Even though I'm REALLY, REALLY enjoying myself here,
I can't wait to get back so I can post more pictures of gals in skimpy cat outfits- BZZZ-ZAAAAAAAAAAP!!!

Aiiiieeeeee! I mean JUST KITTENS!
Dear God, PLEASE, MO MORE!!!!

Your Pal,
Dear Facebook Friends,
   Hi! Things are going great here at Facebook Fun Camp. It's really given me a lot of time to think about how wrong I was to post those naughty pictures on Facebook. I'm really going to do much better when they let me out in 5 days!
Your Pal,
P.S. I just put in a request to watch the baseball game on the rec room tv.
Keep your fingers crossed!
Dear Facebook Friends,
Day 5 at Facebook Fun Camp (as I become a better person during my 7 day suspension for inappropriate posting)!
We had art therapy classes this morning and I did so well with my collage that I earned my first meal in three days! Phew! I was getting pretty woozy there!
My best friend at school, Jimmy, didn't seem to understand the assignment when he painted something he called "Facebook Smells Like Poop!"
Now I can't find him. If you see Jimmy, let me know!
Mmmmmm! These green crackers are good! I wonder if I can get seconds!
Your Pal,

Dear Facebook Friends,
Day 6 at Facebook Fun Camp (as I become a better person during my 7 day suspension for inappropriate posting)!
Today we had group therapy where I leaned a whole bunch. You see, it's not really enough that I stop posting immature rule breaking images, I should do my part to find other folks who are littering up beautiful Facebook with their dirty bad things! That's why when I come back, I've been given the VERY important job of side-boob scout! Weekdays from 8am to 7pm, I will be going through all my friends postings for even a HINT of side-boob and immediately turn them in!
I feel so much better about myself! Thank you Facebook Fun Camp!
Your Pal (unless you break a rule),