Friday, November 24, 2017

Best Magazine Cover of the Year!

"The Big Issue" cover of Donald Trump as the 'They Live' alien
won best magazine cover of 2017 in the prestigious
PPA Scottish Magazine Awards last night!

If that weren't enough, earlier in the week, it ALSO won the coveted BEST Consumer magazine COVER of the YEAR from The British Society of Magazine Editors!

Now I'll never have to pay for a drink again in the UK!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Svengoolie at the Volo Auto Museum!

The lure of Svengoolie, a magic show and cars galore were too much to pass up at the Volo Auto Museum today!

Aiden was super excited on the drive there, but he kept on pronouncing “Svengoolie and Car Show” in an odd way. It dawned on me what the problem might be and I asked, “Do you think we’re going to “Sevengoolie and a CAT show?”
“Yes!” he replied.
No, it’s a CAR show.”
His response, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!”
In reality he loves cars almost as much as kittens, so he recovered from the misunderstanding in about a minute.
Volo was jam packed and I found a ’not really’ parking space and quickly got in the Sven line.
Which ended up being over 2 hours long.
I got over that going with the “We’re having an adventure” attitude, making friends with fellow line waiters, getting snacks for the boy while our new pals held our spot and enjoying all the compliments about how cute, sweet and adorable Aiden was. And when we finally said ‘Hi’ to Chicago’s favorite horror host and got our picture, I walked out with the boy thinking that that ended up being pretty fun. 
What followed were plenty of vintage kiddie rides, amazing cars on display and stunning vehicles actually for sale. I’m considering getting the ’68 Plymouth Road Runner for $35,998. But considering I don’t have $35,998, maybe I should stop considering it.
We ended with a stroll through the antique mall where Aiden selected a much less expensive $1.50 Hot Wheel.
At least he got a car out of the trip!

Aiden's plan for his first car.
Good selection!
Using a little English.
Best not to be wearing that hat when the Highway Patrol starts flashing the blue light.

Move over Alec Baldwin, Aiden does a pretty mean impersonation!

"That's my Mommy!"
Aiden was excited to find this photo at the antique mall.