Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Most Frightening Children's Doll of ALL TIME!

Imagine the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups-like scenario of a truck full of plastic doll bodies crashing into a truck full of Li'l Abner rubber puppet heads, or the entrepreneurial brainstorm of what to do with a warehouse of unsold headless baby dolls and unwanted Li'l Abner, Daisy Mae, Pappy Yokum and Mammy Yokum noggins.
I found the nude corncob pipe missing Mammy Yokum at the flea market and did a double take. Then a triple take. What is this strange Frankenstein creation? The grafted head on a baby-! the horribly molded breasts-!! on a one month old-!!! topped with an 80 year old leering face?!!!!
I thought it must have been the one-off creation of a junior mad scientist with sexual issues, but through extensive research (an ebay search) it appears this was actually on 1950's toy store shelves.
I don't have the other residents of Al Capp's Dogpatch, but I hope Daisy Mae had better luck with her breast implants, and I shudder to think what surgery took place on Pappy and Abner!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vanishing Chicago- The Patio Theatre, the Last Movie Palace!

Chicago's magnificent and opulent Patio Theatre at 6008 W. Irving Park is one of the last movie palaces left still showing films in Chicago. Even though it's been around since 1927, I first saw a film there only a year ago. My jaw dropped and my eyes popped as I entered what almost seemed like a mirage.
Then I slapped myself on the forehead for not taking advantage of it before now.
Don't you make the same mistake!
I keep hearing it's on the edge of closing, and when/if it's gone, they're never going to make 'em like this again, and you're going to miss the experience of seeing movies the way they were meant to be shown.

I was there recently for the Sci-Fi Spectacular, a 16 hour marathon of cinema, and made sure to snap a few memories, even from the projection booth!
Check out their website and "like" The Patio on Facebook.
Now go give yourself a treat and catch whatever the next "Now Showing" is!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Just Don't Eat the Apples! A Snow White Recommended Restaurant.

Daughter Kieran and I were driving on Roosevelt road in Wheaton on the way to see my tax accountant when we spotted an amazing "Seven Dwarfs Restaurant" street sign. Kieran yelled, "Can we stop there?!" just as I was already turning the wheel. I had promised her an adventure filled trip if she'd go with me on the hour drive there,
and now it seems I'd be able to deliver.
The place was wall to wall Snow White, with 20' long murals, individual paintings, woodcuts, Snow White posters and, oddly,  lots of photos of Jim Belushi. As our smiling helpful waitress informed us, John and Jim lived just around the corner as kids and both had jobs as busboys there. I'm sure everyone in the area is a big fan of the place, but for some guy from Chicago driving through, it seemed like a crazy wonderful mirage.
With good food.
Kieran's only complaint? It should be "Dwarves" not "Dwarfs"!

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