Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't Forget!

Are you sitting down? Pulled over to the side of the road? Have your oxygen tank at the ready?
Nashville was naturally beyond ecstatic that the Twist Art Gallery somehow got The Mr. Mitch O'Connell to make an actual live appearance at the July opening of his display of magical masterworks. Children of all ages delighte
dly remember viewing the American Hero leading the "Nashville Heart Mitch" parade seated on the back of his Roster Moblie hurling rolls of quarters at his adoring fans. If you've read the papers or watched the news, of course you already know, that by order of the Governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen, the show has been held over for an additional month! The announcement was met with an in unison excited high pitch squeal from every Nashville Miss (while all the males pouted, "I don't think he's all THAT!"), which begged the question, will lightening strike twice? Dare we even dream?
Well put on your listening ears because...
Mitch........... O'Connell......... Will...... Be..... AT..... THE.... TWIST... ART.. GALLERYFORTHESECONDOPENINGSATURDAYAUGUST

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