Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday Girl Tura!

Happy belated Birthday to Tura Satana!
The stunning kickasstastastic Faster Pussycat Astro Zombie Burlesque legend has often been the subject of my art for 25 years. Her distinctive beauty, with raven hair, sharp arched eyebrows, eat you alive smile and more curves than a barrel of snakes have riveted fans forever. But what takes her even a notch above is her balls to the wall positive attitude. My show of appreciation culminated in "Tura! Tura! Tura!" an art tribute we put on at the Tattoo Factory Gallery a couple years back where a slew of similarly inspired artists were privileged to have Tura as their muse. The best part? Tura came to Chicago for the show!
We were half ready for her movie persona reputation for chewing up and spitting out whoever crossed her path, but all that poured out of her in real life was limitless sweetness.
But still be wary, she might break your heart... and possibly your legs!

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