Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book of the Day!

If you like great comic art, graphics and design (of course you do, you're on my page aren't you?) pick up Greg Sadowski's "Setting the Standard, Comics by Alex Toth"! A HUGE collection of stunning Alex Toth comic stories (I guess the title kinda gave that away).
No one is/was better at designing a panel/page that Toth, and this work will hopefully inspire all artists to aspire for more (or just give up)!

My Memory Book!

If the '80's ever come back, I'm ready!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Art of the Sell!

First I rolled my eyes, now I'm going to give the artist all the credit in the world (when your name is Richard Hunt, I'm sure you've been hassled enough). If you ever want to get funding that a committee has to decide on for your public sculpture, call it something horribly inanely "inspiring" like "We Will".
I remember a fellow art school student who painted "I Am" in huge letters on his portfolio. You'd have to hold yourself back from tossing him out the window.
I ran out of Diet Coke and now everyone is going to suffer!

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Memory Book!

As I continue to go through my archives to get it in all in alphabetical order for The Smithsonian, I find the oddest things. I hope I didn't ruin any High Schooler's evening circa '93 if their date was in any way influenced by this pamphlet.


I heart the hand painted movie posters from Ghana, and the Chicago Cultural Center has a whole slew of them on exhibit until September 4th. Not all are as shocking as this example (only because I think one out of the 60 doesn't have any body parts flying through the air), but I like the idea of posting this insanely violent image (free admission for all ages btw) along with the words "Chicago Cultural Center".
If you're offended, it's only because you ain't as smart as the rest of us, so as to not embarrass yourself, keep your indignation on the down low.

Classic Mitch!

A Salute to the Ladies!
This time a cd cover piece, done way back when. I just had the actual cd on my desk but it disappeared, so now I have no idea of the specific "when". Art historians world wide collectivity howl in anguish.

Classic Mitch!

A Salute to the Ladies (yes, I'm still going through stacks of old art to ponder including in my upcoming Last Gasp book!)
From 1995, the now forgotten Barbie Twins!

Classic Mitch!

A Salute to the Ladies!
Obviously influenced by whoever did all those sexy robot paintings from the '80's, here's a piece of ancient M.O'C clip art!
By including the exclamation mark at the end of that sentence you are supposed to be fooled into being excited. I hope it worked!!!

Family Circus Wants You NUDE!

…and I have proof!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sultry, Sassy, Spectacular M.O'C Stickers!!!

See them all at-

New Wheels Needed!

Special thanks to my used car buying copilot! Wednesday Kieran and I will try again for a SUV (2003-2005ish), be it Acura MDX, Honda CRV, Pilot, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Highlander or 4 Runner, under 70,000 miles and $12,000. God Speed!

New Wheels Needed!

After a hard day of used car shopping, a man has just gotta unwind.
Jazzercise …take me away!

Wedded Bliss!

Congrats to lovebirds David Krys and Lorie Brammer for setting a date! And what better way to show that ♥ than with a real official M.O'C wedding invite!

Why I Became an Artist...

...just to avoid this problem!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coming Soon!

The Royalty Checks That Could Have Been!

Various folks try desperately to make something, anything(!) out of my doodles that will appeal to the apparel wearing public. No such luck!
Check out all 50 never produced t-shirts @

Skittles Speaks for All of Us!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

M.O'C Comic Con Recommendations!

My favorite folks, Kirsten and Doug of Retro-A-Go-Go finally got a booth at Comic Con! They're loaded with Mitch trinkets from keychains to cigarette cases, and they REALLY don't want to drag all that crap back to Michigan, so PLEASE buy something!
Stop by Booth # 5605 with beverages and snacks for the cute couple (Tab for Doug and shots for Kirsten). I'll pay ya back!

M.O'C Comic Con Recommendations!

The promotions staff at Chronicle Books gave me a helpful suggestion to plug their appearance at Comic Con in the Social Media...
“Going to Comic-Con? Stop by @ChronicleBooks booth (1506) at #SDCC and get a copy of my [BOOK TITLE].”
Nuff said!

M.O'C Comic Con Recommendations!

I hope you're sitting down. Have a box of tissues at the ready.
I won't be at Comic Con this year.
It's not your fault! It's all me!
But if you do plan on attending (I'm pretty sure they have a few other things going on other than the beloved me sitting at my table looking at my watch), here are a few M.O'C recommended locations!
#1 The Last Gasp booth (#1616), where you can pick up Mitch O'Connell Tattoos, now in it's 27th printing! Also, if you use the promotional code "UY3RF578" you're entitled to a FREE high-five from everyone at the booth (only valid with purchase)!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashion Don't!

Went shopping with Leo at a few local thrift store for funny back to school t-shirts and Levis and need up with a good sized haul. When Leo called us all in the living room to bask in his great finds he was modeling a pair jeans.
"Aren't these great?!" he exclaimed as he pulled off the "32/32" tag stapled to the waist. But when he put his cellphone in his pocket it stuck halfway out, "These pockets are really little. Wait a minute, are these girl pants?!" He quickly unbuttoned 'em, pulled down the back and frantically asked Kieran to read the size tag. She laughed and said, "They're a 12!". Leo shrieked "NOOOOOOOO!", ripped them off as if they were on fire and ran out of the room in his briefs while simultaneously doing a frantic spastic dance.
We haven't seen him since. But we have been leaving food out on the back steps.

Steve Dahl's Greetings From Graceland (Part 1, 1981)

Speaking of WLUP Radio, never missed Steve and Gary's morning/afternoon show for many years (and whatever they did on tv too). I DID miss some of these tourist stop locations on my recent Graceland visit (maybe they're long gone), but amusing to see them here. Not promising big laffs, but nostalgia overrides prudent Blogger sharing...

WLUP Chicago Commercial

My station of choice upon moving to Chicago.
I'd probably still tap that. If anyone knows Lorelei, feel free to let her know the good news!

the late great groovie movie picture show!

Back when if you wanted to see an old movie, you had to wait for it to appear on tv.
I'll tell you stories about my cave wall paintings too!

No Comment #3!

No Comment #2!

No Comment #1!

When I was 13-14, my mom had a subscription to Ms. magazine. There was one page that fascinated me named, "No Comment". On it were reader submitted examples of sexism in media where the general assumption was that woman couldn't figure out much more than looking pretty and having kids. Most of the pieces reprinted were genuinely pigheaded, but a few seemed quite mild and not really worth being outraged about. But, of course, women do like to go on and on with their constant nagging and complaining.
Anyway, while feeling sentimental, I pieced up the first 50 issues of Ms. on ebay ($30. Score!). I went through 'em all to share the No Comment pages ...with you!
Another thing I learned by going through all 50 issues. Men seem to be really, really annoying!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Palate Cleanser

This album is a safety backup for you, my dear Blogger friends, in case I ever loose all common sense and post another photo of myself in skimpy attire. After viewing said picture, simply before and after your 2 hour searing hot shower scrubbing both body and eyeballs, sooth your pupils with this array of scientifically chosen fluffy adorable soft lovable kittens. You'll have a 72% better chance of surviving!