Monday, August 26, 2013

Watch the Wedding of the Century!

Forget those boring "Royal" weddings!
THIS is the one to watch!
Who: Alyson Vetter & Mitch O'Connell When: 08/31/2013 7:00 pm (Las Vegas Time PST) Where: Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel View the wedding streamimg live at-

Endless Flea Market Finds!

Flea Market Finds!
It was slim pickings at the Wolffs Flea Market, but I managed to drag myself out of bed at 5:30am to snap a few pics and take home a couple items …to entertain YOU!
#1 Dear Warner Bros lawyers- Batman? We never heard of him! This is Dark Pointy Headed Man- a whole different superhero!

#2 You had me at "Rumpus Room," you lost me at "$25."

#3 My favorite find of the day, because it meets the "What the f**k?!" level of bewilderment.
"You know what's missing in the knickknack shopping world?" says the chief executive, "Shell boys fishing!!!"

#4 Just how I found it at the vendors table. Where do I start? From the company you can trust- "ManStaff."

#5 I already have one, but when another appears for $30-
I only have so much willpower!

#6 The vendor wasn't there when I picked it up ready to haggle over the price, and I never got around to returning. I really feel bad about it. Not for myself, but for poor Alyson who is constantly lamenting that there isn't enough clown memorabilia in the house!
Sorry Dear! I vow to be a better husband in the future!

#7 Tis not quite the season for Santa- but it's always Liberace season at the O'Connell manor!

#8 I found this stuffed carnival prize for my son which reminded me of a story.

Some background information.
A dozen or so years ago, at the State Fair in Maine, Leo won a foot high Pikachu by picking the correctly numbe
red floating rubber ducky. That became his inseparable companion during our week long visit at Grandma's. That is, until our final day of vacation, when it vanished (we believe the annoying neighbor kid had something to do with it).
Now forget I told you that.

Flash forward two years.
Leo, Kieran and I were dropping their mother off at the airport. As we left O'Hare with the youngsters snug in their carseats, Kierans little bottom lip started quivering, then a flood of tears burst forth as she exclaimed, "I miss my mom!" Leo, seeing this, got caught up in the emotional moment, started crying and yelled, "I miss my Pikachu!"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tattooed Cuties!

It's official- Alyson is now stuck with me- or I'm stuck on her.Hannah Jane Aitchison added little tattoos to one of Alyson's sleeve kewpies- and it seems my name is one of the additions.

I've Been Bad!

A public apology to Stellar Corpses and their fans!
I've done them a disservice for reusing an altered section of a painting they commissioned for their cd "Dead Stars Drive-In" as an online promotional image for a local one night movie scr
eening at the McHenry Drive-In.
This art is quite important to them and I was completely incorrect for using it for something else and they're completely correct to be unhappy about it.
Even though it was just done as a favor for my friend who puts on the film shows (ie- no $ was paid), I'm still 100% wrong.
I've learned my lesson!
Now please go buy their cd and "like" them on Facebook as I start the process of getting back in their good graces! 
Their Facebook page-
The cd on Amazon-

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The M.O'C Wedding Registry …for YOU!

We don't really need any wedding gifts, but if you INSIST,  here are a few helpful suggestions.
#1- A vintage rotating KFC bucket installed on top of our house.

#2 A motel "Color TV" sign by the front door.
Only because I like to rub it in the neighbors faces that we always have the
most up to date electronics at the M.O'C Manor!
#3 Every outfit from the 1959 Fredricks of Hollywood catalog. Keep in mind that Alyson is  5' 10" and 45-25-40 (approx)- so please make sure they're all the proper fit.

#4 For Mitch- Since he's a Star, of course he should ONLY be wearing selections from the
"Lew Magram -Shirtmaker to the Stars" collection.

#5 Not that I'll need the reminder, but it'll make me even more cool
among my buddies and result in endless hi-fives.

#6, 7 and 8 are items I've surprisingly NEVER seen ANYWHERE!
Start scouring your local garage sales now!

#9 Do I have to explain how important it is to have a lifesize nude woman table? Really?
#10 Next time you're at Wisconsin's House on the Rock, please pick up the "Throne of Passion" for me.
fyi- it might take 2 to carry it to the car.

#11 If no one's looking, quickly take this off the wall at Miami's World Erotic Art Museum.
The cool thing is that the painting ACTUALLY WINKS.
You can plainly see that it's not fair that they have it and I don't.

More to be added as soon as they spring to mind!

Back to School Savings!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wedding Bells!

We'd like to invite all of you to our Vegas wedding-
and you don't have to move an inch!
Watch it streaming LIVE in 8 days!

btw- ignore the "gift" links- we already have enough shit for 3 houses!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buy Today's Wall Street Journal!

Todays Wall Street Journal has sold out EVERYWHERE!
Because inside is a M.O'C illustration!
Step #1- spare no expense hiring professional models!

Step #2- Pencil up the art for approval!

Step #3- Deliver finished art!

Step #4- Never show them the thrift store $1 figurine they could have used instead to illustrate the article (and have saved quite a big chunk of change).

Thanks to Pete Hausler, Kris Areche, Ronald Plyman and David Bamundo for the work!

Spread Your Wings and Fly!

Yesterday was moving #1 son into his dorm room and a day of welcoming activities at North Park University.
Luckily for me, the sting is not too painful since he's only a mile or two away, but he's raring to blaze a trail of individuality (which doesn't involve a Dad telling him to mow the lawn).
Kieran, Leo and I did extensive checklist shopping (Jewell, Dollar Store, Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and the Salvation Army), Leo rounded up his favorite possessions, (including a stuffed pirana, 4' stack of books, sketchpads, and best t-shirts) and the three of us lugged it all to North Park.
Leo's floor at Anderson Hall is designated "The Spot" (see attached photo), his roommate seems great and, in fact, EVERYONE we met was top-notch.
Kieran had a great time decorating, but by hour two of the orientation session she started feverishly writing notes that were helpfully dangled in front of my face, including, "Why am I here?, dis boring, I ain't no parent, u should have told me this was going to happen, I'm serious, I don't want to be here, ugh, gimmie 2.25 for the bus", and about 87 more. I set her free before the opening convocation, which I'm sure would have driven her off the edge.
Leo and hung out until the big picnic BBQ, but since it was just hamburgers, the vegan offspring went to his room to prepare for the week of special activities (my personal highlights would be, Speed Friending, Ice Cream Break, River Dance Party, Navy Park Fireworks, Viking Fair and ... wait for it... Continental Breakfast!).
Before we parted, a manly "I love you" and hug was exchanged, wishes for a great and productive life, and a request to drop the old man a postcard every once in awhile. 
I got home and wistfully watered the lawn for awhile until I head the front door slam and a teen male voice exclaim, "I'm hungry!"
The three of us got takeout Chinese.

Family and Friends Care Packages can be sent to:
Leo O'Connell
North Park University
Anderson Hall Rm #302
3225 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625-4895

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

The premiere of a new taste treat sensation will be at Delilah's 20th Anniversary party Thursday 8/29 starting at 4pm. Enjoy the only ale in the world with a M.O'C label at the best bar in Chicago!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Flea Market Finds!

I love the carnival/sideshow spirit, so I ponied up the 4 bits
to support an fellow entrepreneur set up at Wolffs Flea Market.
He suggested I photograph the gaff (and tell my friends)-
otherwise I never would have given away the surprise!

A dollar well spent!

I heart the crazy pink abstract fur twirl brushstrokes on this velvet masterpiece!

This was Alyson's way of spelling out the good/bad news.

Like a solar eclipse, it's huge,
and you can't look at it directly without melting your retinas.

Sadly, the Richard half of the "Carpenters" doll couple seems to missing his guitar,
otherwise it would have been hard to resist bringing them home.

Satan has started a new line of children's playthings.
So if you've already named your son Damien, these might be just right!

I constantly have to explain to the kids that their new fangled ipad/ipod/xbox/imax/streaming/downloadable whatnots can't hold a candle to the exciting games we had when I was young!

You'd think a stack of a hundred 70s porn newspapers for $40 would be a must buy-
but they were surprisingly bland inside.
Now I'll never know how to avoid tit's putting me in the hospital- but while I'm there,
maybe they can do something about my frostbitten balls!

The upside- you find a painting with strange fanged creatures bitting
each others heads off while a floating eyeball watches everything.
The downside- it's $6.
Wait a minute- there is no downside!

Finding that these didn't come in a 32 waist and 34 length was
probably one of the saddest days of my life.

As soon as the Gorilla Glue dries under my new hood ornament,
I'll be driving around town with the windows down and 97.9 cranked up.
Because I'm cool.

String Art.
People think painting in oils is the only true way of creating a masterpiece.
Well I just proved them wrong!

After I got home I realized we only have two showers.
I guess I'll have to live with tension, soreness and frustrations.

This seemed to remind me of some upcoming event.
Hmmmmmmm…. I'm drawing a blank.
Give me a minute- it'll come to me!