Friday, April 30, 2010

Flea Market Finds!

... and his wing man!

Flea Market Finds!

Flea Market Finds continues with buttons, buttons, buttons!
He may be missing one flicker eye, but he still manages to get his point across...


Kara Pound wrote a 'lil article 'bout yours truly for the newest issue of "Inked". I often spend the day thinking about how wonderful I am. It's fun to have a change of pace and get to READ about how wonderful I am too!

More BANG!

Another masterpiece for "Bang!" the space-age nightclub at The Palms in Vegas!

Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday to Kieran (Hulk Hogan) O'Connell! The littlest angel is now 12! I remember (sniffle) when she (blubber) was just a (sob) a teeny tiny baby (choke)!

Flea Market Finds!

After posting the "Treat 'em Rough" flea market find button- I feel we're all in need of a primate palate cleanser...

Flea Market Finds!

Flea Market Finds (#2)!
The hardest button to button!

Flea Market Finds!

Flea Market Finds!
Button, button! Who's got the button?!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


ANOTHER button in the same classic theme- because I'm a giver, not a taker! I could be stingy and dole out only one a day, but "generous" is my middle name!

Hanna Barbera Masterpieces!


...and my backup plan!


What a hip 'n happenin' way for us young generation to express ourselves! Be it with an inspirational phrase or a pithy fun loving' put down or telling the world our likes (kittens) to dislikes (war), buttons say it all! They look great running up and down colorful suspenders or all over your faux tuxedo t-shirt! Parent's will just shake their heads as we take it to the free speech streets, so get out of our way Mr. and Mrs. Fuddy Duddy, 'cause we're commin' through!

Hanna Barbera Masterpieces!

Another in the series of Hanna Barbera paintings done a few years back for Warner Bros that were sadly never used! :-(

Pin-Up Parade!

And the winner is...


Just to throw it out there, the gawking at these fascinating women is because of the juxtaposition of their unconventional looks and poses marketed on 'tingle my loins' pornography. If it weren't for that, I (and we) wouldn't be pointing our fingers and giggling if they were our neighbors (unless they dressed like that in the front yard).
endeth my afterschool very special episode Mitch moral lesson of the day.
Now I can go back to tying tin cans to my cat's tail. Look at him run all funny! HA! HA! HA!

Pin-Up Parade!

Our runner up, and oh so close to being "Mrs. Mitch O'Connell"...

Pin-Up Parade!

The personality plus pin-up parade finally reaches it's crowning moment, but what to give the winner?
We thought, what is every girl's dream and every woman's desire?
To be "Mrs. Mitch O'Connell" of course! That why the winner will be given the prestigious honorary title of "Mrs. Mitch O'Connell" for a year!

Our second runner up is...

Hanna Barbera Masterpieces!

Another nugget 'cause you dug it! A golden oldie from the stacks in the back! A rare a Hanna Barbera for your viewing delight! A Baba Looey for youey! A... oh the hell with it!
Here's the art...

Pin-Up Parade!

...and, on your left, our final entry, #15!

Pin-Up Parade!

Give it up for #14!

Pin-Up Parade!

Final day of the annual M.O'C Personality Plus Pin-Up Pageant! Tomorrow the 2010 winner will be announced! But for now, a round of applause for contestant # 13!

Kids! Part 2

...and the Thrill of VICTORY!


Leo decides he's going to travel from the bathroom to the living room couch. His rules are that he must shimmy the whole way on his back and travel under every piece of furniture we own.
Don't ask me why!
Just a little slice of everyday life in the O'Connell household!
On your mark, get set, GO!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Penelope Pitstop!

From the M.O'C archives!

Pin-Up Parade!

And todays final contestant, the bewitching #12!

Pin-Up Parade!

#11- but #1 in our hearts!

Pin-Up Parade!

Just 2 days left for Mitch's Personality Plus Pin-Up Parade! The winner will be announced the day after tomorrow!
And now, contestant #10!

What Ever Happened To... ?

More art, just for the hey of it!
Oh Pebbles, how you have grown!

A Chip off the Old Block!

Like father, like son.
First born Leo fashions a bikini from his pretzels!
High 5!

Todays Free Tattoo Design!

Tat of the Day!
This kute kitten was commissioned by the lovely Elise McMahan, owner of "Hellkats L.A."

Pin-Up Parade!

...and #9!
Umm, do you mind? You're blocking the painting. That's better!

Pin-Up Parade!

Let's hear it for contestant #8!

Pin-Up Parade!

Mitch's Personality Plus Pin-Up Parade continues with contestant #7! She has the look that says, "I'd rather be doing this than ANYTHING!"


Still trying to get everybody to check out Retro- A -Go- Go and all the cool swag, especially the bling adorned with the M.O'C illustrations.
Good Lord, supermodel/artist Lisa Nielson thinks it's cool, what more proof do you need?!

Naughty Critters!

Just in the mood for even more scantily clad cuties!


Since I just covered up a few peek a boo's on my postings, I wanted to get your opinions. What's sexier, these hot bear beauties with their naughty nips hidden under flimsy fabric, or, do you think it would be even more "oh my" if they were as nature intended- furry and fancy free?

Pin-Up Parade!

...and today's final contestant, wonderful #6!

Pin-Up Parade!

...and give it up for contestant #5!

Pin-Up Parade!

Mitch's Personality Plus Pin-Up Parade continues with contestant #4!

That Kitten has Claws!

Just a warning to my fellow female lovers, never assume that these flowers are easy pickings...

Flash Animation!

The super site of what's hip, Boing Boing, turns out is run by a fellow I shared a high school art class with! He has generously traded me a banner ad on the BB site for one of my doodles, and, even more generously, new best pal Dan Noe whipped up a 'lil flash animation banner!

Speaking of High School, I can hear all the ladies jumping up and down squealing, "Can we see a photo of you?!"
"Please, I'm very busy and don't have time for such foolishness!" I sternly respond.
"Pretty please?" (and they make that damn irresistible pouty big eyed face)
My angry expression just melts away, "Oh... all right!"

Real Tattoos!

Newest real tattoo based on a M.O'C doodle! Details are sketchy, but so far I know it's by Chamulo on Chet!
Don't forget, email pics of your M.O'C inspired tats to And, always include your mailing address for the 'lil Mitch "thank-you" prize envelope!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

While In Chicago...

Speaking of women, this time specifically of the lovely variety, I recommend The Belmont Burlesque Revue hosted by Jack Midnight. Saturday nights at midnight put your rear end down at The Playground Theatre @ 3209 N. Halsted here in Chicago and prepare to be rib tickled and titillated!
FYI I hate to disagree with the medical profession, but apparently medication and liquor DO mix! A year or so back while on a heaping helping of antidepressants (divorce), I was also washing them down that particular evening with a little what have you. I passed out within a minute of the show starting and Jack (aka
ofile.php?id=100000527558527&ref=ts) took the oppurnitity to serenade my unconscious body with a couple 'ol Blue Eye standards. I wish I had a tape!
PS Long off the prescriptions and have remained quite alert for every Belmont Burlesque show since!

Flea Market Finds!

Something about women with distinctly provocative eyebrows makes my heart a-flutter!

Flea Market Finds!

Make fun, but I'm pretty sure she looks much better than I would in that lingerie. I also have to give her a high five for throwin' it out there!

Flea Market Finds!

I've seen (and purchased) very many pin-ups where beautiful women are the norm. Suddenly, when your tastes run to the odd, that rare nugget of a woman with an undefinable something special becomes the most treasured possession. Here are a few of the personality plus gals from the M.O'C archives!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Child Prodigy 2!

Ladies often say to me, "Mitch, can I buy you another drink?" and "Your writing is so clever and creative, how did you learn to be so ... so ... AMAZING?!"
"That's a great question, sexy blue eyes", I respond in my whispery deep voice. "Why don't we go back to my apartment to ... discuss it?"
Needless to say, I never got around to answering her question (wink), but I will tell you!
I didn't "learn" to be so amazing, I was BORN with the ability to weave words, write humorous hyperbole and pen pithy phrases. I believe this early example of my genius will easily attest to that fact...

Flea Market Finds!

You'd think that after coming up with the creative outside the box title "Super Heroes" these comic creators would have just kicked back and spent the next 8 hours 'till quitting time back slapping each other on a job well done.
But not these bad boys!
The thinking caps were kept firmly in place, chins were stroked and a triumphant finger was raised.
What's the number one menace to society that, until now, musclebound crime fighters have yet to kick the ass of?

Child Prodigy!

Kid's Week Continues with this self portrait.
"Fancy Free" is STILL my middle name. Just ask my neighbors as they pass by the front porch!