Monday, July 12, 2010

Magic Fingers!

Just installed in the bachelor pad, the "Rest Aid Massaging Bed"!
I always knew it as "The Massaging Fingers" bed. Way back when I was a youngster they used to still be in hotels. You'd put your change in (aka your parents change) and bounce around like the players in Electric Football (that reference is as old as the massaging bed). Picked this up many years ago at a flea market and just stumbled across it again this morning. I screwed the actual vibrating section to the bed boards and the 25 cent deposit box is right next to the headboard. It actually still works! But I have the feeling, the way it shakes like my dying car, if I do it for more than a hour this Ikea bed is gonna have to be reassembled again.
Between this and my condom machine I'm gonna be a millionaire!


  1. I worked for motel6 back in the 90's when they removed these from the rooms i had 100's them, and now I'm looking for one

  2. There is someone that sells them in the state of Washington, just google it. It is not the original but close I think. I just purchased one and will be installing it this weekend