Monday, July 28, 2014

The Drive-In Massacre!

   Join me and the family at-
The Drive-In Massacre!
    McHenry Outdoor Theater August 29 & 30 - Dusk
    Special Guest Linnea Quigley
   1510 Chapel Hill Road, McHenry, IL (847) 362-3011
Return of the Living Dead
    (star Linnea Quigley in Person!)
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre &
    Plus: Vendors! Prizes! Surprises & More!
    Tickets $10 per person, $5 for kids 12 under.
    For More Info: 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

OH ROB! Mary Tyler Moore as you've NEVER seen her! NSFW (really)!

What makes art great?
For one thing, passion. It's that desire that drives you to bring your vision to life.
Even if you aren't getting paid. Even if you have to work all night. Even if other's might not like it. You can't stop that fever in your brain from flowing out to your hands and then onto the paper.
And if this art has anything, it's got passion!
But I think it has even more. Humor. Sex.
And Mary Tyler Moore.

I'm going to be a little vague on the origins of these masterpieces because of their risque and personal subject matter.
In the late 90s a pal of mine was helping as a friend of the family for the estate sale of of very creative artist/designer/creator deceased gentleman, survived by his elderly wife and children, who were clearing out the house. His nominal fee would be a few things here and there that he liked. As my understanding goes, while organizing the rooms and rooms of stuff, he came across this mans erotic artistic passion.
Lot's of it.
Lot's and lots of it.
And thought, if the family doesn't know about it already, I'll just discreetly add it to my stash.
Eventually, through pleading and the offering of piles of valuables, I acquired them.
I love collage/photomontage art (Hannah Höch, Raul Hausmann, Max Ernst, Tom Wesselmann, Richard Hamilton and so many more -just Google away).
I also am fond of nude women (the cat's out of the bag now). I also have enjoyed watching The Mary Taylor Moore Show, but, I'm guessing, not as much as him.
I am also impressed by all the clandestine work that must have gone into making these. Checking the TV Guide for The Dick Van Dyke showtimes and surreptitiously  taking photographs off the screen. Scouring mainstream magazines and newspapers for appropriate MTM clippings. Going though your porno stash for just the right photo to complete your jigsaw puzzle of pleasure, then sitting at the drawing table with scissors, glue and tape all over your fingers, your glasses perched on the tip of your nose, tongue poking out the side of your mouth in concentration as you try to get ...just ...RIGHT!
Knock! Knock!
"What are you doing in there?!"
"Nothing Honey! I'll be back to bed in a minute!"

The collection is available for travel to major museums.

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