Friday, November 6, 2015

The Most Popular Illustrator of the 20th Century (and you don't know his name)!

Frank Fruzyna.
The most popular artist you've never heard of!
Even if you don't know the name, you HAVE seen his iconic art,
in fact, probably 1000's of times. 
Frank was THE clip artist for Dynamic Graphics throughout the 80's and '90's.
You could not walk around the block without seeing his masterpieces used in at least half a dozen places looking to add a touch of class to a newspaper ad,
magazine editorial piece, towering billboard, store sign or flyer.
Graphic hard edged elegant design coupled with organic grace, done with complete pen and ink originality, is the hallmark of Frank Fruzyna's illustrations. As a young wannabe artist back in the mid-80s, seeing his fully alive and flowing art knocked my young head off and rattled my eyeballs all around. The way he took apart and reconfigured every aspect of what he was drawing in a whole new thoughtful visionary way was beyond inspiring (or it made you want to throw away all your art supplies and just give up).  Every aspect seemed to be thought through, his take on a fall leaf, arched eyebrow, billowing tree, jacket fold or swoop of hair had never been drawn so bold and beautifully before (or since). I'm partial to his clip art, but he's gone on to abstract art and a sought after portrait artist (in fact I got him to do a stunning painting of my wife Alyson).
For MANY more examples of his genius visit-
There is not an artist more overdue for one of those
huge 40lb career retrospective books than Frank.
Some lucky publisher should grab this golden opportunity!