Monday, February 20, 2017

Bowling Fun! Keeping My Youngest Out of the Gutter!

A year or two back I was taken into the fold of an elite group of sportsmen, The Gamebreakers, Chicago’s premier Timber Lanes bowling team.
Well, maybe not ‘premier’ but definitely “a” bowling team!

And when Gamebreakers drafted me, at no additional charge, they also got a little one year old version of me, aka Aiden Shane Bullitt O’Connell.
I blissfully bowled away every other Sunday in the league with Aiden under my arm, until it dawned on me that this might all be fun, but
 it’s also kinda serious.
I realized the vibe of just a few folks (99.9% were very easy going) that wondered (reasonably) why couldn’t I find someone to watch the tot for a few hours, or maybe I could put him in the stroller when it’s my turn,
or maybe Aiden could pay for a round every once in awhile?
So I double downed on Aiden (and myself) having perfect bowling alley etiquette, but the excited Aiden soon started giving hi-fives to everyone, then he started shouting “Go Dad!” or “Go (insert your name here)!” when it was someone else's turn.
The clincher was when he got a “Gamebreakers Jr” and “Timber Lanes” bowling shirts from Santa. Now he’s slowly edging his way out of the distraction category
and into the mascot category.
So, hat’s off to The Gamerbreakers, Timber Lanes and the bowling league for a big batch of serious Sunday fun!

Now if I could only figure out how to knock down those pins.

PS Not all pics are at Timber Lanes-
we had to go elsewhere every once in awhile when they're full up :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Berwyn Book Signing Bedlam! The "M.O'C Tattoos Volume 2" Tour Continues!

Thank you Reel Art!
Due to their "Famous Artist Signing" promotion (the classic 'bait and switch'), a crowd actually showed up for my “Mitch O’Connell Tattoos Volume 2” book signing! Which was a good thing, because I was hanging out with the smallest O’Connell and I didn’t want him to catch on that Daddy might embellish his popularity a wee bit.
Reel Art is one of my favorite places to visit.
Just to hang out in the back and go through the endless 4’ high stacks of crazy wild exploitation movie posters is a b-movie lovers delight.
Aiden had that same feeling in the front of the store. It’s covered floor to ceiling in toys, including Hot Wheels, which are cleverly displayed at toddler eyeball level. Luckily, the wee one was befriended by Zoe, a young lady who was sweet enough to spend an hour walking around the store with him and scooting the cars in-between customers feet. As the
Unca Raffy family departed after waving goodbye, Aiden declared “Hug!” and went for the embrace. Oh the O’Connell men!
Luckily Aiden had many friends left to hold the sealed Hot Wheels up
to while loudly requesting ‘Open!”.
This technique worked as he took home 3 new cars. Daddy also picked up a great new book, “Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series” by the Reel Art event organizer
Bob Garica (well, he bought my ‘World’s Best Artist’ book, so it was pretty much a swap)!
Thanks to everyone who made it out! Good Times!

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Dirty Show! Detroit's Erotic Spectacle of Art! NSFW!!!

It’s been my treat to try and fill up a little area of Detroit’s biggest art show, 'The Dirty Show', with erotic, sexy, risqué tattoo inspired creations for 'The Dirty Needle'!
I took a couple leaves from my section to run for a beer or just to see what the loud moaning was about, because along with the 100s of amazing naughty art pieces and installations, 'The Dirty Show' is filled with professional go-go dancers, burlesque performers, acrobats, SM/BD shenanigans, random spankings, suspensions and general naughtiness galore. Along with that, the attendees get their freaky fun on by dressing to the hit in every which way that floats their boat, from next to nothing to cross-dressing, leather/whip/chains outfits, furry animal costumes and
well, just let your imagination run wild!
Here are a few pics taken during those breaks that only give a hint of 1/100th of the wall to wall party festivities, but nothing compares to being there in person!
So, plan to attend this crazy sexapaloosa every year,
and you tattoo artists- make sure to submit for the 2018 show!