Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Dolly Parton Nude and Tattooed! NSFW!

Dolly Parton!
No one could fit the description of America’s Sweetheart more than her!
Just 5’ tall, but packed with enough talent for someone 100’ high! Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actress, author, businesswoman, and philanthropist. Her lists of never ending amazing accomplishments would take up a library and her sparkling charm would power all the lights of Vegas!

If there’s a person on Earth that doesn’t find her perfect, check them into a hospital immediately for evaluation!
A little know fact about Ms. Parton is that she’s covered in pastel tattoos. Can you remember the last time you saw Dolly Parton wear a sleeveless dress or strapless gown? It's been decades. Her celebrity friends have let the secret out though Dolly herself is shy on the subject.
I’ve taken that, mixed in Dolly circa ’79, and the backdrop of Dollywood for this down home, back to nature, all outdoors, nature loving portrait!
Limited to 100 signed and numbered, 18 by 24”, printed on thick glossy premium quality HP photo paper!
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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The WORLD'S FIRST 'Art Car Demolition Derby'!

I had a dream involving two of my favorite things!
Demolition Derby!
You get to watch metal being smashed, sparks fly and flames spurt! Truly the World's greatest thrill! 
                   Art Cars!
Creative artistic visionaries using cars as their crazy canvas!
Like a world before peanut butter and jam got cozy, for 25 years I pondered the possibility of slapping those two wonderful events together and putting together an 'Art Car/Demolition Derby' happening.
I envisioned recruiting a bunch of derby drivers and their vehicles arriving first thing in the morning at the fairgrounds. An artist (or artists) have each been assigned one car. They've been free to prefabricate anything they felt like beforehand, or just get to work from scratch. The groups spend the whole day pimping their vehicle up in the coolest ways. That evening they're smashed 'n crashed to bits!
That dream came true on May 3rd 2019!
We teamed up with Vintage Torque Fest to create the event generations will be talking about! I was thrilled that so many superstars of the art world joined in on the fun! Marvelous Michael Noland! Rascal Ron Murphy! Dashing Don Picton! Oddball Art Labs! Happenin' Holly Blessen! Dangerous Dennis Menace Jackson! Charming CHema Skandal! Awesome Addy Sorce! Dangerous Dani Renee! And More!
In the photos that follow see them at work creating spectacular visions, and then thrill to the joyfully loud, bright and brash gladiator show for a cheering crowd.

To see them in motion, check out my videos-
If you’d like one of the 14 by 22” screenprinted show posters to liven up your garage-

Now, since the World's First Art Car/Demolition Derby was my idea, I knew I had to put in at least as much effort as the next guy.
That resulted in FrankenFink!
As someone who tries to always move forward, and sometimes do my thinking later (like, will this paper mache monster fit out the front door), this was a fun learning experience, happily resulting in many high-fives and smiles for all involved in a fun silly spectacular show.
In retrospect, if I had known Frankenfink was going to stay erect (yes, I said 'erect') for the whole derby (a knocked out tire was his demise) I would have done more. Giant pinwheels in both hands and a head filled with fireworks as a grand finale. It also dawned on me later how to fix his arms so they would properly sway back and forth (they got stuck), and I would have made the tongue 3 times as long.
But I just had my fingers crossed that he wouldn't topple over in the first 10 seconds!
All praise to patron of the arts Rosalie Mellish for taking Franks head in her car (1/4" clearance) while the rest fit in mine, Michael Noland for coming up with screwing the base to the top of the derby car and 'L' brackets to help hold the ears up (some say balls), and John Wells for hosting the whole darn thang AND driving Frank! Also, to the 3 giant rolls of the black hole of duct tape I found at the flea market. It took all my strength just to pull it apart and whatever I stuck it on will stay attached through the next 2 nuclear wars.
Good Times!
Maybe I'll see you all back next year!