Friday, July 30, 2010

Media Hound!

Move over Burt Reynolds, there's a new centerfold in town!
Never did my parents dream that one day that their son would be the buck nekid centerspread of Tabu Tattoo. Never did any unsuspecting Joe plopping down $7.99 expect my luscious lily whites either (Don't worry, there are plenty of proper female nudes, well, improper is more like it)!
Thanks to Jean Chris Miller and everyone at Tabu Tattoo for the 8 page write-up in the newest issue (#42)! Did you know that, "The unleashing of angry and unruly Mr. Mitch on the technically flawless and archly ironic Dr. O'Connell has resulted in much deeper work, in a much freer style"?
Boy, I could read about myself all day long!
What they're writin' about is all the art that's on display NOW at Nashville's famous Twist Gallery. Also, make sure to be there Saturday August 7th for the SECOND opening night celebration as the show has been held over!
P.S. Being that pic of mine is about 5 years old (I just get better), I think it's time to retire it and take some new pin-ups!
"Mitch, that sounds great!" my 7 blog readers quickly respond, "Go ahead and retire that photo, but really, please don't trouble yourself taking any more!"
Hey, don't worry! It's NO PROBLEM!

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