Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blast From the Past!

More unrefutable evidence that I'm a genius (as if I needed to tell YOU)!
17 years before Lady GaGa…
Yes, I'm sure someone can easily find a pic of a gal in a meat outfit before '93 and try 'n post it, but I will delete it instantly (and then hunt you down)! Don't rain on my delusional parade!

It's Your Funeral!

Preparations continue for the gallery event of the millennium!!!
This Friday night!
Tattoo Factory Gallery!
4443 N. Broadway in Chicago!
"It's Your Funeral (art inspired by death)!

Snugg Huggs Exposed!

"Thank you Merlin for my new winter coat!"
"My old coat has holes in it, but Merlin gave me a coat that will keep me warm in the cold!"
"Thanks to Merlin Muffler and Brake I won't die of exposure on my way to 4th grade!"
Over a groundswell of inspirational music little child actors were voicing platitudes pretty similar to these on a radio commercial Leo and I listened to on the way to his school. You could almost hear the Merlin mascott's arms breaking as he furiously patted himself on the back.
But still... that's great! Merlin is buying clothing for children! It's a 'lil nauseating that they spent probably more on the "Snug Hugs for Kids" ad campaign than they did on the garments, but, hey, they're still doin' sumpthin', right?
Hold On! Merlin is just setting up "collection boxes" at all their locations so YOU can bring THEM a coat.
Wow! It's genius! Get everyone to find out where their shops are located and then actually drive there! "As long as I have my car here it couldn't hurt to have it checked out, they seem like wonderful people!"
But at least their employees must do something to help? Right?
No. They're "seeking young people to volunteer and assist in the collection of new and like-new winter clothing" according to the website.
It's obviously important children are dressed properly, but I already have 3 Salvation Army drop boxes within spitting distance. I know of many charities that will come right to your house to pick up donations and dozens and dozens of organizations/churches/etc. you can bring the items to.
The hubris and hutzpah in this completely transparent doubletalkin' film flam makes me want to vomit!
All right, you know me better than that!
It makes me want to vomit 'cause I didn't think of it first!
I just stuck a big cardboard moving box on the porch.
"Thank you Mitch O'Connell! The coat you gave me will keep my little body alive for another year!"
Cue music!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Ghost Whisperer...

… (or how I impressed my living friends by introducing them to my undead friends)!

Part five (out of 5), brought to you by "It's Your Funeral" the newest arty farty extravaganza at The Tattoo Factory Gallery!

The Ghost Whisperer...

… (or how I impressed my living friends by introducing them to my undead friends)!

Part four (out of 5), brought to you by "It's Your Funeral" the newest arty farty extravaganza at The Tattoo Factory Gallery!

The Ghost Whisperer...

…(or how I impressed my living friends by introducing them to my undead friends)!

Part three (out of 5), brought to you by "It's Your Funeral" the newest arty farty extravaganza at The Tattoo Factory Gallery!

The Ghost Whisperer...

...(or how I impressed my living friends by introducing them to my undead friends)!

Part two (out of 5), brought to you by "It's Your Funeral" the newest arty farty extravaganza at The Tattoo Factory Gallery!

The Ghost Whisperer...

...(or how I impressed my living friends by introducing them to my undead friends)!

Part one (out of 5), brought to you by "It's Your Funeral" the newest arty farty extravaganza at The Tattoo Factory Gallery!

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear!

Leo has his learners permit.
That's like saying the zombies have just about broken through the front door.
You get the same feeling of impending doom in the pit of your stomach.

For his first time I drove with him to a fairly vacant residential area that mainly services a retirement home. I figured the elderly are generally quite frail and wouldn't do much damage to our 1998 Passatt Wagon if "tapped" while they were walking seemingly aimlessly in bathrobes and slippers around the grounds. Hmmm, I forgot about those wheelchairs and walkers. Those could do a good bit of destruction if dragged under the vehicle. Luckily for both of us they must have sensed danger (they didn't get this old by luck) and huddled safely inside doing whatever old people do. Staring blankly and eating peas I'm guessing.
On the way there I gave him Driving Lesson #1, titled "How To Impress The Ladies". The radio was turned to "The Loop" (classic heavy metal), twisted to full volume and windows rolled down so all could enjoy. We bobbed our heads, flashed the devil horn signage yet didn't seem to garner any interest of the female kind. Everyone has an off day!
Once there Leo took the helm. As soon as he put the key in the ignition I whipped off my seat belt, flung open the door and ran screaming. After I got that bit of comedy gold out of my system and returned, we began. He drove flawlessly, impressing me with his ability to control the car perfectly at speeds approaching 2 miles an hour. I had to shave twice by the time we arrived at the first stop sign 20 yards away (oh snap!). He executed a left turn, then a right turn, then another left... YOUR OTHER LEFT!!!!!
I didn't faint... did I?!
The only folks brave enough to try using the crosswalks were deer and geese. They were all graciously given plenty of time to reach the other side. After an hour of going 'round 'n 'round, and becoming hungry for supper, we concluded our first session and declared it a success with the Passatt no more dented and dinged than when we stared and all our limbs breakage free. A perfect 10 out of 10!

This Art is Looking Better and Better!

Why is the Friday Tattoo Factory Gallery opening extra enjoyable?
A dozen cases of PB F*****G R!
Thank you Pabst for making "It's Your Funeral" the toast of the town!

Nutty Madness!

The fabulous Crystal Morey has gotten a big batch o artists to do their take on... well, I forget what they're called, little heads that are for sale everywhere in Japan, painted red, with black and gold designs and blank white eyes... for an upcoming Gomineko Book art project.
Since my well of inspiration is toe deep, I repainted mine like a "Nutty Mad" character, who was inspired by the "Weird-Oh" figures, who were a take on all things Big Daddy Roth.
One day I'll come up with sumpthin' other folks'll swipe!

Break Out The Wallet...

Then break out the drinks!

Thanks to pal Mark Braun for the tiki mug plug!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mitch in Mexico!

The date has been changed to FRIDAY November 5th (instead of Thursday).
Whoops! I should have made sure everyone was sitting down before I broke the earth shattering announcement!
But, to make up for the hassle of changing your flight schedule, this 4 color silkscreen will be available (for $) to all atte
ndees of the festivities!

Flea Market Finds #11!

My Flea Market nemesis! Always a turn of the wheel ahead of me! One day I'll thwart her evil shopping ways and jam a stick in her spokes when no one is looking. Until that happy time comes, dirty looks and a futile shaking of the fist will have to do!

Flea Market Finds #10!

The newest addition to the lion's den!
Resistance is now officially futile. Your mother's warnings and any shred of common sense (and/or decency) will be completely forgotten beside the hypnotic glow of the bunny!

Flea Market Finds #9!

Just in time for halloween, Kitties of the Undead!

Flea Market Finds #8!

A little cutie for $3!

Flea Market Finds #7!

Beside the 4 horrifying (aka "accurate") clown paintings on the base of the Jack in a Box, when the "jack" pops up his eyes wildly wobble in his noggin!

Flea Market Finds #6!


Flea Market Finds #5!


Flea Market Finds #4!


Flea Market Finds #3!

Mitch, what is your secret to looking 29 (10 years below your real age) and so damn hot, Hot HOT?!!!
It's simple, I only eat delicious and nutritious.
The location… ?

Flea Market Finds #2!

Note to New Yorker cartoonists…
THIS is what FUNNY is!

Flea Market Finds 1!

How could you not love this face?
Been through tough times, yet still bemused!

From the M.O'C Files!

Forget Yahoo! news updates, this is where you'll find out everything you'll need to know about anything!

This Friday!

A Spooky Reminder (featuring one of my contributions)!
"It's Your Funeral (art inspired by death)!
Friday, October 29 · 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Tattoo Factory Gallery (right next door to the world famous Tattoo Factory)
Located @ 4443 N. Broadway, Chicago, Il. 60640
This group show of the horrific will curl your toes, straighten your short hairs and pop your bloodshot peepers from their everlovin' sockets!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doodle Daze!

Gary Land has a hobby of hiring artists to recreate classic comic book covers. He picked a wacky House of Mystery one for my inspiration and let me have a 'lil leeway when doing it.
I kept from going too crazy and just rearranged it a bit here and there.
To see all of his amazing collection take a click to...

Party in My Pants 2!

My "Blue Steel" was the "Left Off Ramp" as you can see from these unretouched JC Penny catalog pages. On this page you ARE seeing triple! When red with white shoes and belt or polyester plaid pants needed to be sold, only one man could carry it off. That's right honey, yours truly!
It's me in all three slacks, through the magic of triple exposure.
Hmmm, don't worry if you don't understand. You just keep looking beautiful.

Party in My Pants 1!

I'm often asked from the adjoining bar stool, in a soft purring voice, "Have you ever modeled?". At least I think that's what they say. It's a little hard to hear with a tongue in my ear while a noisy cat fight breaks out in the background over which gal is going to buy my next Mandarine Cosmopolitan.The answer? Of course!
You silly little mixed up minx! Where do you think the term "Trouser Snake" came from?
Here, let me get out my leather clad Memory Book, you just get comfortable by the fire.
Isn't it a little warm to be wearing that g-string?

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
For the Single Set part 4!
Finally, after much trial and error, the road to success is discovered!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
For the Single Set part 3!
Fellers, hands off the lower right bombshell, she's mine!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
For the Single Set part 2!
You had me at "Cuddle-Up", you lost me at "Pillowcase"!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
For the Single Set part 1!
You had me at "More Fun in Bed", you lost me at "Lamp"!

Sunday Flea Market Hijinks 6!

I obviously belonged to the wrong scout troop!

Sunday Flea Market Hijinks 5!

Salt and pepper Biblical lessons. Hopefully this made up for Kieran missing Sunday seminary school. I'm pretty sure it did.

Sunday Flea Market Hijinks 4!

Luckily all us men have to do is rock the sweater vests to keep the wives happy.

Sunday Flea Market Hijinks 3!

What goes on in the blue bargain bins stays in the blue bargain bins.

Sunday Flea Market Hijinks 2!

Space Checkers + $1 price tag = Mine.

Sunday Flea Market Hijinks!

Sunday Flea Market Hijinks!
Hint for saving money- don't bring the whole family. It turns into a shopping adventure for them and not for the most important person. Myself. In fact they are inclined to curtail my poking around because it is "not interesting" and "stupid", while Nintendo games cartridge or jewelry searching seemed to be perfectly reasonable ways to spend ones shopping time.

Chicago Tours!

I'm guessing this artifact of a mysterious woman's only job has survived many, many years unmolested on Irving Park Rd near the corner of Cicero Blvd.
Secretary? Stuffing envelopes? Prostitution? White slavery? Call SP7-0551 and apply!

Chicago Tours!

In between an evening of attending the great new Blab book signing at one of my favorite museums, Intuit, the Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art (, and hitting Rotofugi ( at their new huge location for a gallery open night featuring trademarked sugary soda and brightly colored macaroon cookie snacks aplenty, a healthy meal was enjoyed at Feed (, nestled at 2803 W Chicago. The food is delish (FYI, that's the cool way of saying "delicious"). Highlight is the magical chicken who might bestow upon you a six dollar coupon toward your next meal. I misread his pointy poker face as he plucked $2 worth of quarters from me and laid eggs only containing five cent trinkets, but next time I shall best that feathered foul!

Flea Market Finds!

From the mouths of babes.
That's what's wrong with home schooling.
The secret ingredient? Hellfire.
If I keep going I just KNOW I'm gonna stumble upon something funny!

Let's Review the Video...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rock This Shirt!

Speaking of my tat design on LA Ink, it's also now the logo of Love Hope Strength, Robin Wilson's cancer charity organization. You can pick up a tee with the art AND help save lives!


Just watched a repeat of last weeks episode of LA Ink.
Tattoo artist Dan Smith did the honors of tattooing Robin Wilson of The Gin Blossoms with my design (read the details @
Knowing this was going to air, I had dreams of A Very Special Edition of Mitch O'Connell's LA Ink. Slow camera pans lovingly showing the LA Ink walls adorned in my flash, each member of the LA Ink team taking turn going through my "M.O'C Tattoos" book, caressing each beautiful page, explaining why I'm their favorite artist, Kat Von D absentmindedly rubbing her nipples while talking about me and... (the rest of the dream I'll keep to myself).
But instead, the (obviously jealous) cast said nothing.
What the F…!
Well... I was very happy Robin asked me to come up with the art, and Dan did do a great job, and It was fun to see my illustration on tv, but…
am I the only one that realizes that it should be all about me?!

Flea Market Finds!

Village Thrift Store Sightings…
Want a completely non functional pink fur lined glittery silver pimp mug?
Guessing it's still sitting in there. Corner of Kimbell and Elston.
No thanks necessary!

Flea Market Finds!

Village Thrift Store Sightings…
Not making fun, just a jarringly different choice to hold your hot doughnut dippin' mornin' beverage!
Just made a $25 donation to offset any bad karma...

Flea Market Finds!

Village Thrift Store Sightings...
This is your brain on drugs!

Halloween Mood Music!

It's out, and just in time!!!

The Lions Den!

Home Decorating Continues!
Three foot tall gold tasseled bedroom swag lamps are a go-go!

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Not Always About Me!

I'm about to do something that's so abhorrent, so distasteful, so revolting, that I might have to vomit before I'm finished.
I'm going to... promote another artist.
Oh God! (burp) I'll be right back!
Grant Hamilton is a relative, a fancy pants doctor AND an artist, and I happen to like his pop arty graphic polaroids. So to take a peek, and give him a 5 star rating, travel to...