Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Osaka Slideshow!

Please enjoy this stroll down memory lane with me!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
Never let it be said that our womenfolk can't occasionally make a valuable contribution to society!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
That has to be the Fort Knox of grannie panties.

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
Old people.
Nuff said!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
This is from a '90's "Art in America" or sumsuch magazine. I love the painting, but I no longer have any idea of the artists name. To me, it perfectly captures childhood (I have no idea of the intent, that's just my take). If he/she is reading this, I'll trade ya for it!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
This enchanting image is from a book of stock photography. Like my simian friend, I also have to make do with personality plus!

Step Right On Up!

The Sideshow is BACK!
Kieran found the first members of the fruit freak show lurking in our fridge- the siamese twin grapes!

Dating Do's!

As seen my Facebook page…
Don't ask me to explain it, but I have a good feeling she'd get along great with my kids!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
Like most guys, I've picked up the puppy or two from the animal shelter and paraded around with it as babe bait. But I soon found out that dogs do annoying things, like eat and poop, so a new magnet was needed. And fellers, on the one in a million chance a boozy babe doesn't wrap both hands around your bottle neck, you'll still be guaranteed to have a companion that'll make you feel warm 'n fuzzy all evening long!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
Always loved photos of someone posing while pretending to do something (a painter at a finished canvas with a dry brush is the most common example), but this combination of feigning the signing of a cast while unsuccessfully trying to strike a glamourous pose is especially wonderfull!

From the M.O'C Files!

Miscellaneous stuff I've clipped 'n saved… for YOU!
This Tuesday, why not take a little "me" time and...

Fashion Tips!

Ladies, start today RIGHT!
Helpful fashion tips for the smartly attired set. Hopefully I got this posted in time! If not, change!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday at the Flea Market 13!

Flea Market Finds!
The last find? A bag full of half melted rubber toys from the '40's rescued from a hot attic. To me, the appealing aspect is that all the animals now look like they're drunk out of their minds. The vendor told me he thought there would be at least one person at the market who would buy them. And for $3 for 'em all, I was his man!
Kieran is not as equally enthused.

Sunday at the Flea Market 12!

Flea Market Finds!
And Finally…
Words are not necessary.
"Ring! Ring"!
"No Smithsonian, you may NOT have "Clown Nut"!"

Sunday at the Flea Market 11!

Flea Market Finds!
Clown multitasking! He makes me laugh, AND, as a thermos, my beverage stays cold the whole day long. Thank you my red hatted friend!

Sunday at the Flea Market 10!

Flea Market Finds!
He's extra special with his telescopic neck!

Sunday at the Flea Market 9!

Flea Market Finds!

Sunday at the Flea Market 8!

Flea Market Finds!
Remember that table full of clown collectibles? Well, I adopted a whole armful of the colorful lovable fellers!

Sunday at the Flea Market 7!

Flea Market Finds!
When I should be watching Da Bears while slinging back the brews with the guys, I'm posting a picture of my newest knitted pink poodle toilet paper roll cozy.
What can I say?

Sunday at the Flea Market 6!

Flea Market Finds!
I had my $750 in hand (was $1800!) when Kieran put the kibosh on what would have been the stunning new focal point of our living room.
Darn kids! Who the heck invited her on my shopping spree?!

Sunday at the Flea Market 5!

Flea Market Finds!
If this piece of shell art doesn't convey the rich history and beauty of the land and people of Acapulco, nothing will!

Sunday at the Flea Market 4!

Flea Market Finds!
My advice? Always stop by Ron Slattery's table for goodies aplenty. Kieran was eyeing the vintage safety glasses (Eyeing! Get it?!) and generous Ron gave her the pair she liked most.
Visit his website for crazy finds that annoyingly often outshine mine.

Sunday at the Flea Market 3!

Flea Market Finds!
Whatever Don Knott endorses I'm gonna buy!
Well, in theory.
For this "How To Concrete" manual, a photo seems to suffice.

Sunday at the Flea Market 2!

Flea Market Finds!
While accumulating a stack of records for son Leo's new phonograph, (he's decided that vinyl is cooler than cd's or downloading) I picked up this one for myself. Why "Going On A Shopping Trip" and "Planning What To Wear To A Birthday Party" were never #1 with a bullet, I'll never know!

Sunday at the Flea Market 1!

Flea Market Finds!
Spent the morning with my little sweetheart Kieran as we searched the stacks of what-have-yous, do-hickeys, thing-a-kabobs and knick-knacks at Wolf's Flea Market in Rosemont for treasure. Of course we had slightly different ideas of what the term means. I thought of it as a table full of clown figurines (I had to rub my eyes furiously thinking I was seeing what must be a mirage). Kieran took it to mean a half an hour selecting just the right accessories from the dollar jewelry booth.

Osaka 17!

Osaka wasn't all decadence, 80% was majestic and beautiful (but that's not as funny).
Nara has about a million deer (rough guess) outside the giant shrine containing some huge ginormas warrior and superginormas Buddha statues. Probably 'bout a million feet high (rough guess).
Feeding the deer was the highlight though. They were like hoved seagulls, swooping down to snatch the Nara approved crackers from your fingers and biting your butt (really) if they weren't served quickly enough.

Osaka 16!

Love is Fickle!
Turns out all my "marriages" in Japan weren't exactly "legal", so I returned home as I left, without a blushing bride. To take my mind off the heartbreak I spent my final evening in a wistful game of Japans most famous sport, bowling.
From now on I'm sticking to our homegrown females sprung from the rich soil that is America!
Here's a special view of my 300 game just for you!

Osaka 15!

Could it be? The THIRD Mrs. Mitch O'Connell! Lovely Adam Dorsett and I dance the night away after the announcement.
Thank God he isn't wearing pink shoes, 'cause that would be just plain wrong (ya gotta read all my postings for 'em to make any sense)!

Osaka 14!

Jumbled Japan Memories!
My other favorite Osaka bar, Farplane! It's a half fetish clothing store, half drink-a-thon delight.
For anyone that might pose with me it the future, don't worry, I've retired "The Shocker". Good bye to my brief fling with hand gesturing street cred. We hardly knew ye!

Osaka 13!

Osaka Assault!
At first blush, the promised "Robot Wars"at Bakuto Osaka 2010 seemed slightly less than impressive. One cool looking red coned topped creation that barely moved but could shoot ping pong balls, a frail arm flaying contraption (frail because most of the arms flew off due to the flaying), a never budging lawnmower thang and a guy inside a decked out go-cart. Seeing his little Flintstone feet furiously scoot the half working motorized machine around, in my mind, kinda took him off the official "robot" list.
On second blush, finding out those were golf balls, not ping pong balls being blasted around AND it shot out flames AND the black go cart was equipped with two working nail guns AND the fact that the unprotected crowd was only a few feet away from the ricochetting death projectiles, well, that DEFINITELY made it a WAR!

Osaka 12!

The heart wants what the heart wants!
Japan, the city of love, moved me to propose twice, introducing SECOND Mrs. Mitchell O'Connell!
Well, "Mrs." judging by the pink shoes, otherwise it would be just plain wrong!

Osaka 11!

Helpful Hints from Japan!

Osaka 10!

Japan Hi-Jinks!
Octopus Balls were the most available and popular snack treat in Osaka. You take a chunk of octopus, surround it with a ball of dough and serve piping hot. On top you bury it in dried Bonito fish shavings that, because of the heat, start curling up and dancing around. It's enough to make your mouth water, or, in my case, put your hand up and say "Thanks, but no thanks!" while trying to avoid impolitely throwing up.

Osaka 9!

Even More from Osaka!
At the Osaka Aquarium all was calm and quiet until the anguished piercing screams of a little girl reverberated though the halls! Turns out those high pitched shrieks were coming from yours truly after setting sights on the 4' tall alien giant human flesh eating crabs (I'm just assuming the alien human eatin' part by the cruel look in their eyes)! I look all brave in the picture (and yes, handsome), but it took an hour in photoshop to take out that big wet circle on the pants.

Osaka 8!

More from Osaka!
Room 19 Dining Bar was THE hangout for $3 beers and great company. My barstool companion, the new Mrs. Mitch O'Connell, showed off her radiant smile and one of our late night bartenders showed off his now forked tongue, having been sliced down the middle. He also mentioned that he had something else sliced down the middle, dropped his pants and… OMG!

Osaka 7!

Judging by the final blue figure, I can't quite tell if you get priority seating in Japan if you're in love or because of a broken heart. Maybe it covers both.

Osaka 6!

Always helpful advice when you find yourself down on the subway tracks!

Osaka 5!

Dining out in Osaka!
What to order, what to order…?

Osaka 4!

Overheard at the Azu Gargen Hotel…
Knock! Knock!! KNOCK!!!
Mitch, we're LATE!!!!

I'll be out in a minute!!!

Osaka 3!

What makes Japans 7-11's so much better than Americas?

Osaka 2!

Second (but who's counting?) Osaka Shout Out goes to Hori Benny Hur, the man behind flying me out to Bakuto Osaka 2010 AND my show at the Standard Gallery! He's an amazing tattooist (or tattooer, if that's your preference) and artist who definitely impressed me with his inspiring work. When in Osaka make sure he does your tattoo at his Chopstick Tattoo shop on Kitahorie (there are 3 Chopstick locations)!
Here we are in front of Room 19 Dining Bar, one of my top two Osaka drinking establishments.
Ah, Mitch at 3am flashing his signals! He's a laff riot!

Osaka 1!

First for the Osaka Shout Out, the lovely and knowledgeable Crystal Morey!
She let me glom onto her world famous Gomineko tourgroup while there AND was the catalyst for having me involved with Bakuto Osaka 2010 in the first place!
When you ever get the urge to visit Japan, for goodness sake, arrange it around one of her amazing tours! If you're the kinda traveller that would prefer spending the day visiting the most majestic and awe inspiring sites in the world followed by greeting the morning sun after staggering out of the most insane array of city bars, Crystal is the ringleader for you!


2 words to describe Osaka?
Good Times!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Weekend!

2010年9月18日ー19日@名村造船所跡地全域 にて開催される音楽祭『BAKUTO OSAKA 2010』公式CM!!!! Dir;坂本渉太 <数々の衝撃脱力作品を発表し続ける鬼才アニメーション/映像クリエーター>

Bakuto Osaka 2010!

Off to Japan for Bakuto Osaka 2010!
The trip would not be possible without my host and hostess Ben and Crystal. Befriend them, lavish praise on them, get all your tattoos at Chopstick Tattoo, buy all your books from Gomineko Books, just never, ever, make fun of them for spending the money to fly me out there!


Getting ready for my trip to Osaka!
What the going rate for bald middle aged pasty gentlemen on the white slavery market? I'm a little nervous!

Flea Market Finds!

For the bachelor pad, 3 golden musical elves!
Whadaya mean, "That's kinda gay"?! There's NOTHING gay about them, from their plucked arched eyebrows to their pointy golden booties!
OK, maybe a LITTLE gay!

Flea Market Finds!

The tag line "Her Thrills Rip Forth" has yet to be equalled in the rich history of movie hyperbole!
"In All New Big Screen" + "In Wide Wild Adventure" are the icing and cherry!

Wha th…?!

On my Facebook Home Page 10 minutes ago.

Flea Market Finds!

We salute the opening of hunting season through the magic of post cards!
Bambi has bagged his limit!