Monday, February 17, 2020

My Gift to Dolly Parton! And You Can Tell Her the GOOD NEWS!

What do you give the most talented and loved human being on Earth?
Blessed with the voice of an angel and the talents to match! 547 gold records! 321 hit singles! 97 Grammy Awards! 17 Oscars (these are just guesses of the top of my head, but I’m sure I’m not far off)!
And if that skill set wasn’t enough, one of the most beautiful women that has walked under our sun! Besides, you couldn’t find a soul that doesn’t think she’s the kindest, sweetest and most generous person around, and you know what? They’d be correct!
But there’s one thing she hasn’t had …until now!
A lovely tour poster illustrated by yours truly! And it’s FREE!
That’s right, my gift in thanks for Dolly Parton just being Dolly Parton!
Now I lost her contact information (my rolodex was misplaced), so if you know how to get in touch and break the good news, please do!
I’ll send her the art to start merchandising the heck out of right away.
PS Just in case the tattoo thing is still on the down-low, I also will present her with a version sans tats to use!
Again 100% gratis (but if she forces a family pass to Dollywood on me, how could I say no?)!
Oh, I'm also 99% sure she has one more attribute, a great sense of humor! :-)

PS The LIFE SIZE canvas print of the art was a huge hit at Detroit's Dirty Show!
It sold, but if Dolly would like one for her living room, I'll be happy to make another and personally deliver it! :-)