Saturday, June 19, 2010

Snuggie… for Cats!

In these troubling times it's important to think long and hard about ever penny spent.
That's why when Kieran held up the "Snuggie" at Pet Smart and said lets get this for Skittles, the automatic loud "NO!" that was forming in my throat had a change of heart as I thought of the humorous possibilities and turned into a "Why not?" when it popped out. Also, having had been marked down from $10 to $3.99 meant that now I was only I was only throwing $4 out the window!We got home and Skittles was blissfully unaware of the fashion delight that awaited. Being Skittles she was blissfully unaware of pretty much everything going on. We started to figure out how to attach the pink straightjacket and Leo yelled, "Stop! You're torturing her!" Torturing her with fluffy cotton softness didn't seem that bad. And the way she became almost immobilized after it was on, legs splayed on the kitchen floor pointing North, South, East and West, slowing scooting backwards hoping to dislodge to Snuggie was quite amusing (for Kieran and me at least). If I'm any judge of animals, I think the way she kept her ears flat back on her head the whole time meant she was lovin' it too!
Maybe if she wasn't quite as thrilled as we were with the outfit, it had nothing to do with the fit. She could have just been disgusted that it was "For Dogs".
To disagree with my son, pets should always be nattily attired as often as possible. Way back when, my Mom would put on long plays with beloved felines Daisy Miller and her son Sebastian dressed in my sisters doll outfits. We would sit on one side of the bed while Mom, as the master puppeteer, would sit opposite on the floor gripping them under their arms so they could be much more expressive with a lot of waving and gesturing. I don't remember the specific storylines anymore, but there was lots of action and suspense, usually never resolved because eventually the temperamental actors would make a break for it and hide under the couch.At least put a jaunty hat on your pet today!
You know you want to!

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