Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dirty Show 3!

While enjoying all the various depiction's of genitalia, a hot blonde in a skimpy red outfit yoo-hooed, "Mitch, it's me, Kirk!" I'm sure my face went blank because I needed the next 5 seconds to devote entirely to figuring this out. 4...3...2...1... "Oh, KIRK!" Kirk will always be a BFF. Years back he was involved in promoting Lucha wrestling at the Congress Theatre. I emailed the theatre beforehand to see if I could bring in a camera and Kirk responded gettin' all generous giving Leo and me press passes and free front row tickets. Anyone who helps me make the impression to my kids that I got it goin' on is aces with me.
Anyway, I was completely enamored of his performance piece. Kirk was walking around in his hostess outfit selling egg salad sandwiches. Now, I like egg salad sandwiches just fine, but they always seem like an iffy proposition. At first he was limiting himself to the restrooms which would make the thought of consuming egg salad even more distressing, but by hour 6 of walking around with those wonder bread bacteria boys (after I had seen them fall to the ground at least once while Kirk tried to get inattentive passerby's to unintentionally step in them), "distressing" became the most kind word you could come up with to describe the thought of ingesting 'em. Finally the performance reached a climax as I watched a blissful young patron of the arts munch down on her Kirk purchased snack. I only hope she washed it down with very, very many shots of germ killing bourbon.
Now that's art at it's best!

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