Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flea Market Finds!

To bookend my Skittles in a pink Snuggie story, here's the newest black light poster acquisition. I'm fascinated by it because-
a) a nude woman in a cat outfit and
b) I don't get it
Is that a giant decapitated cat head on her head? Is she tiny with a normal sized cats head on her? Is it the style to wear the cats head so it points up and to the left?
When I was around 10 my Dad took me to meet one of my favorite painters, Ivan Albright. Among many things that stuck in my mind was that he told me he always places objects in his paintings that look normal, but if you studied them closely, you'd realize they couldn't physically possibly exist. He wanted the extra stimulation of your conscious wrestling with your subconscious when viewing his paintings.
I think this pink lady artist and Mr. Albright share the same philosophy.

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