Friday, June 11, 2010

Chicago Sights #5

BEEP! BEEP! And to your left...
Have an adorable youngster and want a professional photograph taken? Tired of the bland trees/meadow/mountain backdrops that a K-Mart offers? On West Devon you'll blow Grandma's socks off when you present her with a framed 8 by 10" of 'lil Bobby sitting on the lap of Jesus. That's right, JESUS @$#&!!*%ing CHRIST Himself!
Shut your neighbors yap when they go on and on about their beloved Susie and how she talks/reads/whatever just by pointing to the photo and casually mention, "Oh that reminds me, just the other day when Bobby was sitting with Jesus…"
The gloating in your face opportunities are well worth the $29.99 (before tax)!

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