Friday, June 11, 2010

Chicago Sights #1

The now closed Grizzly Bear restaurant on Lincoln was a favorite hangout of me 'n the kids. When they were peewees after a day of running around with 'em doing chores, dropping off art assignments, etc, we'd end the evening with a supper at the Bear. The kids loved it because they had a floor to ceiling high projected TV screen (usually playing The Simpsons) plus stacks and stacks of board games. We'd set up the chess board (or dominos, or checkers or ?) and order the Grizzly burger with a side of tatter tots. When they were that small we'd split it 3 ways. Daddy's favorite part? It was the perfect tavern, cozy, dimly lit, all wood interior and, most importantly, a big mug of Sam Adams would always have my name on it. And all for around $12 (including tip, $12.50)!
Kieran was the finicky eater so she'd be busy running around and could only be coaxed back if I went through the ritual of pretending she was a tiny bear cub.
"Oh my! Look how adorable that little lost bear is!" I'd exclaim,"I bet she'd like something delicious to eat!"
I'd hold out a tatter and she'd come up and grab it with her teeth. Then I would scream, squirt the ketchup on the knuckle of my bent and half hidden finger and yell, "OH MY GOD, That bear has EATEN my FINGER!!!
Luckily Kieran was also a magical bear and could blow on the finger stump and the missing pointer would reappear, just in time for the next feeding, where, OH MY GOD, my digit would be digested again!
Many an evening was spent kickin' back there. Good times!

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