Thursday, June 24, 2010

Food for Thought!

Leo and I went to the local Korean Market/Deli (I'm sure it has a real name, but I don't know it), to get a 'lil sumpthin' for supper (Kieran was out with the neighbors). We couldn't find the chicken he remembered, so we got some sushi and a batch of things that were long and covered with thick batter. In retrospect it's funny (and telling) that I was sold on just the deep fried aspects of our choice. Not for one second did I wonder what was lurking inside.
We sat down to watch Unbreakable (not as great as I remembered) and happily much away. Whatever was in my mouth was awfully chewy and my brain started to kick in with belated concern. I peeked inside and saw ... tentacles.
"Leo, I think we're eating squid or octopus or something!"
"Dad", Mr. Culinary responded dismissively, "I LIKE calamare!"
I was feeling those little arms starting to work their way out of my stomach toward my mouth. Leo started to take a closer look at his entree.
"Oh My God! It has suction cups! I'm feel sick!"he moaned.
We finished the meal eating lots of safe and identifiable tortilla chips.
When Kieran came home we mischievous boys couldn't wait to now "pay it forward", but in a naughty way.
"Honey, you won't believe what we ate for supper", I showed her the plate of uneaten horrors. "Take a peek inside of of those!"
I left the kitchen 'cause I sure as hell wasn't going to look at it again. No screams emanated from down the hall. Smiling, she came back to the living room with a plateful of all the tentacles sans coverings.
"Dad, I made something for you!"
"Eeek! I'm not going to look!" I squealed.
"Leo, would you like some?" she sweetly inquired.
Leo and I ran away. Kiean shouted behind us, "You BABIES!"
Good times!

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