Saturday, June 12, 2010

Artist Mom 5

The newest masterpiece was awhile back when a gift was made of a decorated mannequins arm covered with items she collected from her own possessions and personal trinkets donated by all the relatives.
This was inspired by Mom involving my sister and myself in her art project of getting a full sized mannequin and covering it with broken colorful marbles. I remember her buying thousands of marbles that we boiled and stuck in the oven to see if they'd crack. I think we ended up being slightly less scientific and hitting 'em with a hammer. I have vague memories of glueing marbles on a child sized mannequin, but who knows? Well, I COULD call my Mom! The marble person mission must have stalled some point, because if we ever had made it, it would be standing in my living room right now!
I guess it's now up to me to carry on the family dream!

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