Monday, February 15, 2010

The Stuff of Nightmares!

Son Leo and I hit our favorite store Uncle Fun recently and found that they had a big bin of beat ta heck old dolls that were free for the pickin'. The fun catch? You got to go to town with 'em and bring 'em back by Saturday the 13th for a big ol doll art show. Pictured is Leo's zombie creation with an actual flip up skull cap (also enjoy the ozzing creepy crawlies and rat in the tummy touch)! Uncle Fun is at 1338 W. Belmont and the official opening is at 4pm. Also, all the dolls are priced at $25! Since I keep on "forgetting" to give him an allowance, the possible windfall will come in quite handy!

Update!!! Leo's creation sold on opening night! Now he'll have to put up with me trying to borrow money off him!

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