Monday, February 15, 2010

Walmart Hunting!

My favorite website recently has been People Of Walmart. It features clandestine photos of the elusive creatures that shop at the worlds largest stores. Amateur wildlife photographers armed with camera cellphones or easy to palm cameras silently stalk the grossly overweight, scantily clad, mullet toped and otherwise wonderfully odd ambassadors of the human race.
Psssst! I see one. Aisle three. 300 pound bearded gentleman in pink miniskirt and high heels wearing an american flag cape! Quietly. Don't frighten him. Hold it. Hold it. NOW! Click! Flash! RUN!!
Well, the kids had 2 Christmas Walmart gift cards, so I thought, why not bring the camera and see if I can get in on the fun? We searched and searched, but apparently this was not a stocked trout stream for only the bland could be sighted in my viewfinder. That was until I passed a pair of 4X overalls, paused, raised one eyebrow and scratched my chin. Like the infamous Bigfoot footage, if I can't find one, damnit, I'l make my own! On went the giant pants, off went the shirt, and a photo was sent off to People of Walmart. I think they're used to smartypants like myself by now and maybe caught a whiff of Loch Ness, so it hasn't appeared on the site... yet!

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