Monday, February 15, 2010


When I heard our other cat Boo scratching around in my closet I didn't think much of it. When I found out that it now smelled like cat piss I made the assumption that Boo had an opinion concerning my blog about his roommate Skittles. Maybe he was saying, "YO, wouldn't it be something if you could drag your lazy ass to the keyboard, stick out your typing finger, and, I don't know, write something about the coolest feline in DA HOUSE? (yes, I need to work on my cat dialog!)" Since the smell of urine is not the fragrance mood I'm goin' for in the bedroom, I took his concerns to heart.
As a black cat Boo had only few name options. Shadow for another. I guess that's only two options. Boo has much more personality that Skittles. Or maybe he's just crankier. Skittles was adopted after Boo's sister Molly died. She snuck out one night and was hit by a car. Boo spent weeks on the front window sill mewing through the screen for her and running to the front door whenever it opened hoping it was her. As I said in Skittles blog, the idea was to bring Boo some happiness, but they never quite meshed.
As a kitten Boo would curl up with a little Leo. One night Leo came down stairs holding his chin crying that Boo was biting him. I looked at this little black big eyed kitten and then looked at my teary eyed male offspring whose duty was to carry on the name O'Connell. "Leo, what is our problem? MAN UP!"That same night Boo makes himself comfortable on my chest. He lulls me with a loud diverting purr as he inches closer to my chin. I fall asleep happy to have a sweet 'lil furball buzzing' away. In the morning I feel my jaw is all wet. Did I drool all night long? A quick look in the mirror shows the result of little teeth thinking of my bloody chin as a rump roast (is there a better cut of meat I could use to describe my face?). I apologize to Leo profusely and start to sleep with one wary eye open.
Boo likes to leap and carry on as if he's escaping a POW camp. If it's jumping out the front door, on the bed or just from room to room, a loud, "MMMMMMMRRRRRRRROOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" will erupt as he bugs out his eyes, stretches out all his limbs and flies in slow motion dodging imaginary enemy fire. Our giggles at the histrionic heroics is brushed off with a dismissive twitch of the tail.
He's also an opinionated the food critic. A can of Savory Stew or Mixed Gibblets found lackluster is covered up by imaginary cat litter as he makes quite the show of scratching away in front of the bowl while giving me the stink eye. The trick is to leave the room then very quietly peek back in and watch him put up with eating todays special. Stomp back in the kitchen and he'll go right back to doin' the litter scoop. "Wha? You think you saw me... I wasn't eaten' anything! Huh? You crazy!"
Boo's favorite person is Kieran. Once in awhile you'll see him walking about with a dazed/hypnotized look in his eye carrying a Kieran sock or doll in his mouth. He has also decided to show her respect by not eating her up at night, mainly because she's his favorite place to sleep. She's squeezy, soft and warm and apparently Boo's perfect Beautyrest Posturepedic mattress. Boo used to be coy and pretend indifference, "Oh, I guess I'll sleep on you."as he strolled cavalierly around the room, but now he just runs around her legs wagging his tail at tuck in time anticipating the thrill of kneading whatever body part he settles on top of.
PS Just walked in my bedroom to see Boo and Skittles curled up in a 'lil cat ball sleeping' away. Miracles can happen!

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