Monday, February 15, 2010

Halloween Hijinks!

Kieran threw a rockin' party for a gaggle of her gal pals on devil's night (I'm sure the phrase "rocking' party" instantly identifies me as out of touch with today's kids). She was ecstatic on the way home from school having just been given the lead in the Peterson School production of "Annie" (congrats!!!), and treated pedestrians to endless rolled down window hooting', hollering' and ear ringing' shrieking' as we drove home. That good mood continued all night long!

My second born put together the whole spooky soirée herself, my only job was to make sure all the things on her list were bought 'n paid for. Shopping had started weeks ago when Jewel had the aisle of tempting Halloween demonic decorations and spooktacular goodies available (if all these eye moving, hand crawling and moan making items existed when I was a squirt I would have instantly joined the ghost world from excitement! At eleven I was just thrilled to have the "life-size" (5') paper skeleton on our front door.
Anyway, buying kid requests always begins the same way, "You have $10 to spend. ONLY! I'm not made of money! Do you really need any of this junk?! I'm serious!" My daughter knows if she can hold out through a bakers dozen of NO's there usually is a golden valley of unicorns, rainbow's and YES's awaiting. We left the supermarket with $40 worth of skull goblets, pumpkin cups, napkins and plates, 3 miles of spider webs and who knows what else (I must have gone into shopping shock at some point). It seems I fell for the same trick again! I have fuzzy memory of someone telling me they loved me!
The party was a come in your costume event. Kieran had baked and decorated a cake and made brownies and cookies. I stocked the kitchen with 4 boxes of soft drinks, 5 frozen pizzas, bags of chips and a giant bowl of candy. Later in the evening I noticed that someone had put fruit platter in the middle of the table full of my heart healthy selections. There's always a joker at every party!
My job as chaperone was to occasionally check in to see if everyone was OK. At one point they were outside singing Black Eyed Pea songs, another time they were upstairs telling ghost stories. When I first poked my head in the door the tale was of a drunk guy one of the gals had seen peeing on a trashcan. When I came back 30 minutes later the campfire story was of a drunk guy another little lady had seen peeing on a wall. Why, in my day, "I want my golden arm back!" or "... and the hook was dangling in the car door handle!" sufficed!
I also got to judge the costume contest and you'll never guess, but, "You'll all winners!" was the outcome! With age comes wisdom (and poor vision, sore back and creaky legs). Candy bars were tossed to waiting cupped hands when I decided on the individual award based on their costume (Most Adorable, Most Freaky, Most Closely Related to Me, etc.). After that I also showed my slight ability of making adult decisions as I hid the still 3/4 full candy bowl.
Down the hall I found the girls going through the pantry 'round 8 getting pieces of toilet paper. "We're going to go TPing!" I of course chastised them, "What are you thinking! You should take the WHOLE roll!!"
I told you I only had slight ability in the adult decision making department!
First we got Leo's friend Justin's house, then the kid's pleaded, "My house is next!", "No, MY house!" we ended up decorating half the block. The only non volunteer, Justin's Mom, walked up to me and returned a hand full of 2ply. I shrugged my shoulders. She shrugged her shoulders in response and went back home.
Just then, (aspiring writers, "just then" is a great way to build excitement when telling a story!) Kieran and Emily ran back from around the corner. The police had almost arrested them! The 2 years away from troubled teens said they were let off with a stern warning, but next time it was straight to "Juvie"! A few of the partygoers got quite worried and I tried to reassure 'em that the police weren't serious, no one is going to be in trouble. 10 minutes of scared straight biting of lips and furrowed brows followed until the gruesome twosome admitted that the weren't really manhandled by the coppers.
I fell for it!
You know what's more scary than Halloween? That I have a habit of believing whatever my angel tells me.
I sense trouble abrewin' down the line!

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