Monday, February 15, 2010

A Miracle!

Kieran pointed to our stove and yelled, "Daddy, look! A lady!" I glanced down at the stain of who knows what (I'm only one guy. 2 kids, 3 pets, occasionally taking time out to earn a living and scrapbooking means many unattended messes. End of hissy fit).
Yes, it did resemble a woman, but young Kieran did not know that all stains, residue, mold, shadows or anything that might leave a mark can only represent one of two things, Mary or Jesus, and on this one, I'm goin' with JC! Does this mean our house is now blessed? Wealth, health and love are mine forever or just that the oven might start working properly? Like the image of Jesus on the tortilla, will lines now form around the block for a glimpse of proof of life everlasting? Does turning brownie mix, milk and an egg into brownies now count as a miracle? Will I have to start wearing pants at home? So many questions!

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