Sunday, February 28, 2010

For the Sophisticated Theatre Goer!

See every play TWICE that Chicago's Redmoon Theatre presents.

I didn't want that point to get lost in my ramblings!

Facebook friend/Redmoon Artistic Director Frank Maugeri (I put that in the order of what I'm sure is Franks importance) bestowed upon me and my youngsters 3 tickets to see the newest production of "The Cabinet" based on the fantastic 1920 German expressionist film "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari". That film is beautiful and riveting, and of course without it there would be no play production, but I have to say I enjoyed the "The Cabinet" more!You know those seats that have "reserved" on them? Well that's where we sat! Jus' saying'! The play, portrayed though puppets and their macabrely made up puppeteers, tells the story of the somnambulist Cesare used as a killing tool by Dr. Caligari. Everything is stunning. The warped sets, animated projected images, lighting, every movement of the actors (both wooden and flesh), the beyond moody music and especially, and it's near impossible to have anything rise slightly above complete perfection, the thoughts of Cesare were so poetic that I wanted to hastily scribble down ever one of them to repeatedly savor (that memory thing isn't working for me so much). Leo's jaw stayed in the open position and eyes unblinking throughout the hour. On the other hand, Kieran said she was tired, wrapped my jacket around her, burrowed into my side and soon was softly snoring (we were at the 10pm performance if that takes the edge off her review) .On the way to the car Leo jumped up and down proclaiming that this was the best play he had ever seen! Better than "Mary Poppins", better than "Wicked", wait, maybe a tie with "Wicked",no,"The Cabniet" was better! We have made a blood vow to attend everything they do.

As a special treat we happened to be in the same row as "The Cabinet's" puppet maker and artist Lisa Barcy. And, like Frank, I'm sure is much more proud of her Facebook friendship with me.

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