Monday, February 15, 2010

B Movie Madness!

Recovering from the 24 hour B-Fest. Son Leo announced he was in pain by hour 10 and went to sleep. Daughter Kieran came for the last half and was a 'lil trooper. Her favorite part was the selection of food courts that Northwestern University has to offer. When Leo awoke he spent the majority of the time on the aisle floor under a blanket with a flashlight and his Flip camera filming something Blair Witch style. I caught words like "trapped", "starving" and "day two", so it sounds riveting. Highlight? The movie, "The Room", which is too mind bogglingly surreal to describe. Thanks to Pal Rusty Nails for handing me a wig so I could avoid the paparazzi. I enjoyed saying things like, "Man, history class sucks!" and "B-Fest is awesomely righteous dude!" I did find that having hair becomes very warm after awhile so I had to make a "Love me for who I am, because I am beautiful" announcement and return the borrowed golden locks. I'm sure I'll forget (or forgive) the terrible pain I suffered viewing "War of the Robots" and be right back there next year!

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