Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tribute to Frank Fruzyna (Part 2 of 3)!

(pictured- Frank Fruzyna art)
If you have a copy of my graphic novel Ginger Fox (or any of my stuff from that era), you can see Franks surface techniques all over the place. I didn't (and still don't, btw) the skill to capture the elegance that held the shine together, but that didn't stop me from
having fun slapping all those flashy zigs 'n zags everywhere. Before Frank I thought you had to draw every single line, it took his art for me to realize that you could capture a shirt sleeve with a well placed whoosh of a line and the folds it contained could be abstract energized shapes. It never occurred to me before! I even went as far to adding the Frank stipple once for a clip art piece, but the folks there nicely told me to knock it off. I'm amazed that at some point Frank also never told me to knock it off too (or at least go, WTF!), but instead he's always been gracious, helpful and inspiring.


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