Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tribute to Frank Fruzyna (Part 1 of 3)!

(pictured- Mitch art before Frank)
On his Birthday, why not pay tribute to my pal and iconic illustrator Frank Fruzyna? As you'll see by the before and afters, seeing Franks art knocked my head off and changed the way I drew for a good long time ("Mitch, there are 2 examples of your art compared t
o Franks one!" Yes, I can even make a tribute to someone else all about me!). Even if you don't know the name, you HAVE seen his art, in fact, probably 100's of times. Frank was THE clip artist for Dynamic Graphics throughout the 80's and '90's. Imagine, (for the sake of an easy reference point) Pat Nagel, yet as a much more talented and creative artist. That's Frank. If you looked closely at his graceful lifework embellished with stipple shading you could always find the box within a box signature design. DG liked to keep the identities of their artists as secret as possible, but since I just started working for them too, they let me in on the mystery artists name and also that he lived in Chicago. Of course I pestered my way into his studio to fanboy ooh and ahh and left with a stack of xeroxes and a signed Miss America poster Frank had done.


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