Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thangs to Enjoy!

Bestest Buddy Hilary Barta (Facebook AND Myspace friend, so you know it's real), besides being one of my favorite artists has a yen for the limericks. To see how he magically molds words, visit today!
And, to start it off, a limerick 'bout 'lil 'ol me from my 50th Birthday roast!

Not long after Mitchell was born

He started to toot his own horn

Each topic he’ll steer

to on his career

All else makes O’Connell forlorn

A booklet that Mitchell once wrote

was titled “Pwease Wuv Me”, unquote

Conversing with Mitch

he’ll slip in a pitch--

not missing a chance to promote

Now that Mitchell is once again single

with chicks he is trying to mingle

To get his divorce

was costly of course

So ladies, his cash only jingles

Be it redhead, brunette and/or blond

of cheesecake our Mitchell is fond

As long as the lady

is sleazy or shady

the taste-buds of Mitchell respond

In the lair of this lecherous dad

is detritus from outdated fads

These novelty items

delight and excite ‘im

Downstairs in his bachelor pad

The art of the painter named Mitch

keeps working a vein that is rich

His subjects, iconic

he renders ironic

A master of pop crossed with kitsch

In Mexico, Europe, Japan

Mitch hangs it wherever he can

These gallery shows

to strangers expose

the id of this very strange man

This artist who signs his stuff “M’OC”

has need of a doc ‘round the clock

In therapy sessions

his scary confessions

explain his obsession with schlock

It isn’t good taste that’s gone bad

He can’t lose good taste he ain’t had

His cultural knowledge

Was not formed at college

But studying grindhouse, post-grad

In movies Mitch always wants more

gratuitous sex scenes and gore

His only complaint

is too much restraint

He truly loves excess galore

O’Connell is easy to please

his favorite movies are “Bs”

His intake is chronic

of flicks, psychotronic:

Be they sci-fi or horror--they’re cheese!

And Mitch is no fair weather fan

He watches whenever he can

For 24 hours,

no breaks, sleep or showers --

’cause Mitch is a marathon man

He’s charmed by the films of Russ Meyer

whose starlets all shed their attire

Their assets displayed,

and amply arrayed,

set Mitch’s libido on fire

Whatever Mitch is, he’s no prude

His preferring performances lewd

Enjoying this roast

he pictures the host

and all of his friends in the nude

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