Sunday, April 3, 2011

The House Is Clean! Part 2!

One of the reasons for finally cleaning and finishing the house (besides having a clean finished house) was to take photos of it in it's (sure to be brief) pristine condition. In the upcoming massive missive Mitch autobiography/art coffee table collection from Last Gasp Publishing (working title, "World's Best Artist"), I plan on having a "Tour of the M.O'C Manor" chapter, so as I make my way around the place snapping' away, I'm slappin' 'em on Facebook before I start prunnin' 'em down (and writing a typically hilarious, yet heartwarming, narrative). So yes, you're dealing with a slew of repetition. If that's a problem... then just get the hell out!
For those of you left, who wants ice cream?!!

Follow the link below to check out the pics in my "open to the public" Facebook folder...

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